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00:00 Introduction
00:12 Intro to Ride Of Life
00:52 Ride Of Life
06:10 The Ride Comes Alive with the following songs: Wings / Shelter In The Rain / As Long As My Heart Knows It's You / Real Thing (concept video) / Love Finds You / Strange Way To Save The World / Where There Is Faith / Medley (Over The Horizon / Do Right / He Never Changes / Why? / A Man You Would Write About) / The Nature Of Love / For Future Generations
62:00 End credits
Total time, 65:51
Executive producers
Bill Baumgart and Dennis Disney
Charley Redmond and Stan Moore
Stan Moore
Release date

Release date
VHS release
US Benson Videos 84418-4046-6 / V04046
Mark Harris
Marty Magehee
Kirk Sullivan
Andy Chrisman
Sal Oliveri - Keyboards, bandleader
Glenn Pearce - Guitar
Paul Chapman - Bass
Mike Childers - Drums
Mike Thomas, Shane Philen, Kenny Reich - Horn section
Production details
Executive producers: Bill Baumgart and Dennis Disney
Producers: Charley Redmond and Stan Moore
Production details "The Ride Of Life"
Produced by Charley Redmond and Stan Moore
Directed by Stan Moore
Assistant camera: Mark Ramey
Light director: Tim Ormond
Motion control by Danny Gannon
Edited by Stan Moore
Make-up: Genie Freeman and Brook Freeman
Wardrobe: Wear Me Out, Fred Crane and Rebecca Paborski
Set design and construction: Green Enterprises
Additional lighting: Tim Ransom
Key grip: Andrew Vrakas
Grips: Randy Moore and Jason Satterlund
Assistant to the producers: Ruth Laudermilk
Foley: Charley Redmond
Intro music by Jason Satterlund
Catering by Laurie Moore and Delyn Redmond
Special thanks for appearances by Bill Gaither, Mark Lowry, Bruce Carroll, John Schlitt, Ken Holloway, Mark Rider, Linda Elias, Lesley Glassford, Pam Thum, John W. Styll, Graham Barnard and Bernie Sheahan
Featuring: the villain... Allan Coleman; the funny lady... June Ormond; newswoman... Lauren Bishop; weatherman... Washington Dobbins; news cameraman... Jason Satterlund; bartender... Wild Bill Hawkins; pie in the face guy... Michael Wilson; card dealer... Ken Cunningham; pizza delivery guy... Sam Curtis; fire juggler... Tim Ormond; magician... Rick Feezor; magician's assistant... Tracy Feezor; young 4HIMs... Scott Lunn, Adam Gordon, James Farris, David Bernard; elvis... Elvis; lovely young ladies... Jessica Atteberry, Sheri Magehee, Vickie Hawkins, Christi Weston, Heather Tanner, Brook Freeman; pancho... Emil Sakwall; ballroom dancers... Barry Vestal, Beverly Vestal, Paul Branding, Velma Branding; Garth Brooks look-a-like provided by Steve Tolman, Gary Musick Production.
Production details "Real Thing"
Produced by the American Bible Society
Directed by Thom Oliphant
Shot on location in Russia
Production details Live concert
Produced by Charley Redmond
Directed by Stan Moore
Camera operators: David Hunt, Randy Moore, Tim Ormond, Mark Ramey, Steve King and Brett Haas
Video engineer: John Peers
Remote facilities provided by Crosscreek TV Productions
Camera assistants: Derek Draughton, Shayne Pardon, Kerry Gaines, Randy Cline
Dolly grip: Bud Scott
Production assistant: Mike Harris
Audio produced by Bill Baumgart
Live sound recorded by Gaston Nichols and Daniel Farris
Live audio mixed by David Jahnsen
Live audio mixed at Highpass Productions
Concert make-up: Brenda Hearn
Lighting by Crystal Taylor Systems Inc., R.A. Roth
Light design: Doug Rae
Intellabeam electronic programmer: Marcus Matthews
Head electrician: Howard Adams
Key grip: Billy Jagbone
Choreographer: Marlene Claymann
Road manager: Mike Quistad
Production manager / house sound mixer: Tom Wilson
Monitor mixer: Ed Janiszewski
Light director: Pete Malvizzi
Lighting: Kurt Wunsch
Stage assistant: Joe Thomas
Merchandise manager: Mark Pool
Bus drivers: Jay Jarvis and Brian York
Truck driver: John Jones
Thanks to John Breland for concert coordination
Special thanks to Jay Hagerman and the Mobile Civic Center and staff for their help in the production of this video
Thanks to the Dauphin Way Baptist Choir
Guest appearances
Bill Gaither
Mark Lowry, Bruce Carroll and John Schlitt (in "Ride Of Life") appear courtesy of Word Records
John Styll appears courtesy of CCM Communications
Pam Thum and Tuesday's Child appear courtesy of Benson Music Group
Graham Barnard appears courtesy of Z Music Television
Ken Holloway appears courtesy of Brentwood Music Group
Mark Ryder and Michael Wilson appear courtesy of WAYFM Radio
Artwork details
None given

VHS - USA - Benson Video 84418-4046-6 / V04046

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