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We Will Stand Concert (127:16)
00:00 Introduction
02:00 Amy Grant - Sing Your Praise To The Lord
03:54 Steven Curtis Chapman - The Great Adventure
06:31 Sandi Patty - How Majestic Is Your Name
08:40 Michael W. Smith - Great Is The Lord
11:00 Love Song with Phil Keaggy - A Love Song
14:01 Imperials - Trumpet of Jesus
--:-- Imperials with Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith - Praise The Lord
18:47 Mark Schultz - I Am
21:24 Phillips, Craig & Dean - You Are God Alone
23:59 Jaci Velasquez - On My Knees
26:27 4 Him - Future Generations
--:-- 4 Him - Basics Of Life
29:45 Wayne Watson - Watercolor Ponies
31:23 Nicole C. Mullen - Redeemer
35:01 Evie - My Tribute
38:28 Evie - How Beautiful
41:25 Steve Green - People Need The Lord
43:35 Michael English - Mary Did You Know
45:45 Sandi Patty, Wayne Watson - Another Time Another Place
47:58 Larnelle Harris - Amen
50:08 Larnelle Harris, Sandi Patty - I've Just Seen Jesus
53:06 Sandi Patty - We Shall Behold Him
56:35 First Call - Undivided
60:54 Laura Story - Blessings
63:52 Petra - I Am On The Rock
68:10 Dallas Holm, Steven Curtis Chapman - Rise Again
71:02 Don Francisco - He's Alive
75:20 David Meece - We Are The Reason
76:48 Mark Harris - How Great Is Our God
78:53 Steve Green - In Christ Alone
81:09 Don Moen - Give Thanks
83:18 Laura Story - Indescribable
85:27 Travis Cottrell - God Of Wonders
87:23 Phillips, Craig & Dean - Revelation Song
90:46 Francesca Battistelli - Free To Be Me
94:14 Steven Curtis Chapman - I will Be Here
96:32 Newsboys - God Is Not Dead
101:04 Amy Grant - Thy Word
103:30 Amy Grant, Sandi Patty - El Shaddai
106:37 Michael W. Smith - Breathe
109:09 Steven Curtis Chapman - For The Sake Of The Call
113:57 Laura Story - Awesome God
114:34 Newsboys - We Believe
118:18 Michael W. Smith - Friends
---:-- Russ Taff - We Will Stand
123:50 CCM United - Awesome God
The last three songs feature all artists, including members of Petra.
Special Features
The Making Of We Will Stand (09:58)
Stories Of Old Friends (12:53)
Petra (interview & rehearsal footage) featured at 1:52-2:19 and 7:45-8:58
Do You Believe Trailer (02:22)
Drop Box Trailer (03:05)
Heart Of War Room Trailer (05:39)
Lifeway Worship (00:58)
Voice Of The Martyrs (09:17)
The Glorify Music version was set to be released on 10-March-2015, but they experienced some delay and they were able to ship the DVDs in the week of 23-March-2015.
The Gaither Music Group version was released in September 2015 with all new artwork and does NOT include Petra.
Release date
Michael Omartian and Dan Posthuma
Record label
Glorify Music

Release date
DVD release
US Glorify Music GM3001
US Gaither Music Group
-- Sing Your Praise To The Lord
Words and music: Rich Mullins
-- The Great Adventure
Words and music: Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore
-- How Majestic Is Your Name
Words and music: Michael W. Smith
-- Great Is The Lord
Words and music: Michal W. Smith and Deborah D. Smith
-- A Love Song
Words and music: Chuck Girard and Jesse Johnston
-- Trumpet of Jesus
Words and music: Michael Omartian and Stormie Omartian
-- Praise The Lord
Words and music: Brown Bannister and Mike Hudson
-- I Am
Words and music: Mark Schultz
-- You Are God Alone
Words and music: Billy Foote and Cindy Foote
-- On My Knees
Words and music: Nicole C. Mullen, Michael Ochs and David A. Mullin
-- Future Generations
Words and music: Don Koch, Mark R. Harris and David Allen Clark
-- Basics Of Life
Words and music: Don Koch and Mark R. Harris
-- Watercolor Ponies
Words and music: Wayne Watson
-- Redeemer
Words and music: Nicole C. Mullen
-- My Tribute
Words and music: Andrae Crouch
-- How Beautiful
Words and music: Twila Paris
-- People Need The Lord
Words and music: Greg Nelson and Phil McHugh
-- Mary Did You Know
Words and music: Buddy Greene and Mark Lowry
-- Another Time Another Place
Words and music: Gary Lee Driskell
-- Amen
Words and music: Jester Hairston
-- I've Just Seen Jesus
Words and music: William J. Gaither, Danny Daniels and Gloria Gaither
-- We Shall Behold Him
Words and music Dottie Rambo
-- Undivided
Words and music: Melodie Tunney
-- Blessings
Words and music: Laura Story
-- I Am On The Rock
Words and music: Bob Hartman and John Elefante
-- Rise Again
Words and music: Dallas Holm
-- He's Alive
Words and music: Don Francisco
-- We Are The Reason
Words and music: David Meece
-- How Great Is Our God
Words and music: Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves and Ed Cash
-- In Christ Alone
Words and music: Keith Getty and Stuart Townend
-- Give Thanks
Words and music: Henry Smith, Jr.
-- Indescribable
Words and music: Jesse Reeves and Laura Story
-- God Of Wonders
Words and music: Marc Byrd and Steve Hindalong
-- Revelation Song
Words and music: Jenni Lee Riddle
-- Free To Be Me
Words and music: Francesca Battistelli
-- I will Be Here
Words and music: Steven Curtis Chapman
-- God Is Not Dead
Words and music: Marie Barnett
-- Thy Word
Words and music: Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith
-- El Shaddai
Words and music: Michael J. Card and John Thompson
-- Breathe
Words and music: Marie Barnett
-- For The Sake Of The Call
Words and music: Steven Curtis Chapman
-- We Believe
Words and music: Travis Ryan, Matthew Hooper and Richie Fike
-- Friends
Words and music: Michael W. Smith and Deborah D. Smith
-- We Will Stand
Words and music: Russ Taff, Victoria Taff and James Hollihan
-- Awesome God
Words and music: Rich Mullins
Keyboards - Michael Omartian, Dick Tunney and Tim Akers
Guitars - Tom Hemby and Chris Rodriguez
Bass - Mark Hill
Drums - John Hammond
Percussion - Bobby Blazier
Background singers - First Call: Bonnie Keen, Mel Tunney, Marty McCall
Solo trumpet - Don Oxley
Solo violin - Bruce Wethey
Orchestra contractor - David Davidson
Recording audio engineer - Terry Christian
Musical orchestrations - Dick Tunney, Russ Mauldin and David Clydesdale
Violins - David Davidson, David Angell, Karen Winkelmann, Weitsun Chang, Mark Reneau, Katelyn Westergard and Bruce Wethey
Viola - Kris Wilkinson and Monisa Angell
Cello - Lyn Piethman, Emily Nelson and Greg Nelson
Double bass - Michael Rinne
Production details
A Yake Films production in assocation with Working Title Agency
Executive producer: Stan Moser
Video producer: Stephen Yake
Associate video prodcuer: Jentry Yake
Program producer: Dan Posthuma
Music director: Michael Omartian
Associate program producer: Charley Redmond
Associate music director: Dick Tunney
Arrangements: Dan Posthuma, Michael Omartian
Orchestration: Dick Tunney, David Clydesdale and Russell Maudlin
Live recording and engineering: Terry Christian
Mastered: Mike Haynes
Marketing director: Smitty Wheeler
Radio producer: Joe Battaglia
Event director: Sue Moser
Event Manager: Joy Fletcher
Artist relations manager: Scott McReynolds
Live video director: Russell Hall
Technical producer: Kyle Lollis
Assistant director: Kim White
Lead editor: Kyle Lollis
Editor: Joseph Jacobson
Motion Graphics: Matthew Dimodica
Jib operators: Mike Breece and Jacob Strong
Jib tech: Brandon Tait
Steadicam operator: Tim Smith
Steadicam tech: Hugh Wilson
Camera operators: Rick Hutchinson, Joel Bennett, Paul Lussier, Nate Embry, Mike Loftis and George Johnson
Teleprompter: Christie Haffner
Lead makeup/hair: Christin Cook Zito
Makeup/hair: Brandon Kidd, Happy Payne and Meko Davis
Grips: Steve Roebuck, Andrew Adams and Steve Manley
Production assistants: Clair Mathis, Chris Burkmenn and Charletta Adams
Broadcast master engineer: Steve Johnson
Broadcast audio engineer: Paul Salveson
FOH audio: Harold Rubins
Graphics/playback: Tyler Hirth
Stage Manager: Joey Ciccoline
Talent coordinator: Anne Ciccoline
Assistant to event director: Vicki Wilstermann
Assistant to associate video producer: Carolan Trbovich
TNDV Technical manager: Nic Duggar
Engineer in charge: Rob Devlin
Audio engineer in charge: Adam Ellis
Utility: Christopher Payne
Mobile audio and HD facilities provided by TNDV: Television. LLC
LabeLive staff: Josh Berry and Shane Hamill
Lighting director: Taylor Price
LED technicians: Matthew Brewer, Chandler Caroccio, Jordan Newell, Marc Flack, Kyle Fournier and Aaron Early
Ableton engineer: Eric Green
Stagehands provided by Crew One
CTS Audio crew: Mike Taylor
FOH tech: Jonathan Schwarz
MON: Dave McMullin
MON tech: Christian Arnold
Tech #1: Mark Kimmel
Tech #2: Duncan Ferguson
House band rehearsal audio tech: Quinn Redmond
Special assistant to associate program producer: Keith Wilson
Artwork details
Design: Beverly Wallbrech of Subtle Monsters
Photography: Michael Hayes

DVD - USA - Glorify Music GM3001

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