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Fire By Nite #38: Sex - What Do You Pay To Play? Part I

You want fun? You want music? You want a crazy good time? Then you want FIRE BY NITE! Each fast-moving program features interviews with your favorite musical artists along with their latest music videos. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll groan at the antics of Ranger Bob, Muskogee Vice, and other zany skits. Plus, everybody's favorite family in the continuing drama, "Family First". All this and more, centered around a single theme. You'll enjoy the latest in Christian Music News on "What's Hot" and straight-ahead teaching that hits you where you live from you-guessed-it Blaine Bartel.

Blaine Bartel reaches thousands of teenagers yearly with crusades, missions, conferences, and his nation-wide TV show, Fire By Nite. Blaine has been called of God to inspire and equip God's last-day's army of young people, sending them forth as oracles of God to the nations.

Sex - What Do You Pay To Play? Part I with special guest Josh McDowell
00:00 Program
04:01 Petra - Who Do You Listen To? video
04:17 Josh speaks at a Petra concert
04:40 Interview with Josh McDowell
05:35 Why Wait?
06:50 Josh speaks at a Petra concert
07:11 Interview with Josh McDowell
08:25 Petra - Who Do You Listen To? video
11:18 Program continues
16:48 Josh speaks at a Petra concert
17:18 Program continues
20:21 Josh speaks at a Petra concert
20:46 Program continues
28:27 Interview with Josh McDowell
29:31 Program continues
44:39 The Fire By Nite Youth Leadership Congress (Petra - I Am A Servant Of God)
45:00 Program continues
56:58 Interview with Josh McDowell
57:34 Program continues
59:22 Credits (Petra - Who Do You Listen To?)
Running time: 59:58
Willie George Ministries (03-275)VHS
Executive producers: Willie George and Blaine Bartel
Produced and directed by Stephen Yake
Associate producer: Chris Theis
Engineering: Keith Richardson
Audio: Kelly Ward
Production assistants: Kelly Ward, Chris Theis, Brian Mead, Brad Davis, Monte Seaborn
Written by Blaine Bartel, Chris Theis, John & VicciJo Witty and Stephen Yake
Original music score: Brett Teegarden
Fire By Nite theme written by Todd Homme
Special thanks to: Josh McDowell, Dave Bellis & entire Josh McDowell Ministry; Dr. Raymond Brock; "Life Alternative", Owasso, OK; "Restoration Outreach" Tulsa, OK; Mark Crow & Project: Rescue Tulsa

VHS - USA - Willie George Ministries (03-275)VHS

© 1989 Willie George Ministries
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