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Promotional Cassette: Unfit For Swine Sampler

Cassette tracklist
Both sides
00:00 Need I Remind You
01:12 John talks about "Need I Remind You"
01:37 Can't Get Away
04:30 John talks about "Can't Get Away"
04:51 John talks about the producers
05:20 Don't Have To Take It
05:40 John talks about the title of the album
06:02 Commercial liner
Total running time, 6:18
Word Records (no catalogue number)
With cardboard sleeve

Cassette - USA - Word Records (no catalogue number)

© 1996 Word Records | For promotional use only. Not for sale
No catalogue number | No barcode
Transparent shell | Dolby HX Pro B NR
Cardboard sleeve
Signed on the front of the sleeve in black sharpie by John Schlitt