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6-track demo
01 It's About Love 3:27
02 You Are Near 3:25
03 Here With Me 3:34
04 Double Checkin' 3:24
05 Hope Marches On 4:49
06 Your Will 3:28
6 tracks, 22:07

Hope Marches On was recorded in 2001, but never got released. John didn't want his solo-work to be in Petra's way. A Soul2Soul radio special was made, which featured the song I'm OK. Three different samples of this song have been released at John's site. The full song has only been broadcast on this radio special. The song It's About Love was released in 2004 on the Liberty 'n Justice album. The other eight songs remained unknown.
In 2008 a six-track demo of the album surfaced. Above is the tracklist of this demo. These songs should never have left the studio and will never see the light of day officially. But since they're out there, they'll probably surface from time to time.

Gary Manuel
Release date

Release date
01 It's About Love
Words and music: Lance Gehl, Chris Farrell and John Schlitt
02 You Are Near
Words and music:
03 Here With Me
Words and music:
04 Double Checkin'
Words and music:
05 Hope Marches On
Words and music:
06 Your Will
Words and music:
07 I'm OK
Words and music: Lance Gehl and Chris Farrell
Words and music:
Words and music:
Words and music:
John Schlitt - Lead vocals
Production details
Produced by Gary Manuel
Artwork details
No artwork