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CD tracklist
01 See Me Sweat 2:38
02 Altar Ego 4:09
03 Hey Punk 1:40
04 Red River 5:04
05 Bowl Of Wrath 2:15
06 Big Stomach 3:39
07 Christmas Time 4:15
08 Judas' Kiss 3:24
09 Desperation 4:36
10 Thrash Against Sin 1:31
11 Swine Flew 3:33
12 When Your love Died 5:29
13 We Want You 3:55
13 tracks, 46:11
Billy Smiley
Release date
Record label
Myrrh Records

Release date
CD release
US Myrrh Records 7016901610
01 See Me Sweat
Words: Carey Womack
Music: Paul Q-Pek
02 Altar Ego
Words: Caroline Owens
Music: Phillip Owens
03 Hey Punk
Words and music: Paul Q-Pek
04 Red River
Words and music: Paul Q-Pek
05 Bowl Of Wrath
Words: Phillip Owens
Music: Phillip Owens and Paul Q-Pek
06 Big Stomach
Words: Carey Womack
Music: Paul Q-Pek
07 Christmas Time
Words and music: Larry Norman
08 Judas' Kiss
Words and music: Bob Hartman
Originally from the album: More Power To Ya
09 Desperation
Words: Carey Womack
Music: Paul Q-Pek
10 Thrash Against Sin
Words: Carey Womack
Music: Paul Q-Pek
11 Swine Flew
Words: Carey Womack
Music: Paul Q-Pek and Carey Womack
12 When Your Love Died
Words and music: Phillip Owens
13 We Want You
Words: Paul Q-Pek and Carey Womack
Music: Paul Q-Pek
One Bad Pig
Phillip Owens - Drums, vocals
Paul Q-Pek - Guitar, vocals, kiss
Carey "Kosher" Womack - Screams, vocals
Streak Wheeler - Bass guitar, vocals
Additional musicians
Dann Huff - Guitar solo on "Altar Ego"
Dale Oliver - Guitar solo on "Big Stomach"
Bob Hartman - Guitar solo on "Judas' Kiss"
Phil Keaggy - Guitar solo on "Desperation"
Jimmie Lee - Bass solo on "Desperation"
MC Tommy Sims - Rap vocal on "Desperation"
Assorted background vocals
David Mullen, Billy Smiley, Lee "Mad Dog" Groitzsch, Jag, Jeff Barkley, John Kunz
Production details
Produced by Billy Smiley
A&R: Mark Maxwell
Engineered by Lee Groitzsch
Second engineer: John Kunz
Mixed by Billy Smiley and Lee Groitzsch
Recorded at Digital Recorders; OmniSound and Uptown, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Daniel Hersch at DigPrep, Hollywood, CA
David Mullen appears courtesy of Warner Bros. / Myrrh Records
Dann Huff appears courtesy of A&M Records
Phil Keaggy appears courtesy of Myrrh Records
Bob Hartman appears courtesy of Dayspring Records
Jag appears courtesy of Wave Records
Artwork details
Photography: Alan Dockery
Art direction, design and all Pig illustrations: Nick Newton
Associate art director: Roz
Make-up and hair: Deborah Howell for Cloutier

CD - USA - Myrrh 7016901610

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