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CD: Rough Mixes...6-4-1999

CD tracklist
01 Creed 4:17
02 Beat The System 4:30
03 Beyond Belief 4:30
04 Praying Man 4:53
05 Judas' Kiss 3:40
06 Breathe In 4:45
6 tracks, 26:35
Release details
Words Records / Woolsey CDR (CD Copying & Printing)

It looks like This CD was made for Word executives to hear how the recording process was going and what the album would sound like. All these songs are different from the final product. "Breathe In" for example features different lyrics.
I don't know how many copies of this CD exist. I've only ever seen one copy for sale.

CD-R - USA - Word Records

No (p), © or year indicated | Word Records | Woolsey CDR CD Copying & Printing 615.641.7737
No catalog number | No barcode | Matrix: 74 PM7345
1-page insert in slimline jewel case with black tray


The back of the insert is blank