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Carman Ministries - Time 2 Club Video: Truth Or Consequences Part 2

In an age where music and TV are distracting and diluting the minds of our young people, it's TIME 2 pray, TIME 2 learn, and TIME 2 make a difference in our world for Jesus. TIME 2, hosted by Carman, is a high-energy program that deals with the hard hitting issues that face our youth and world today. Wrapped in a thirty-minute format, each video contains live interviews and on-location reports, top Christian artists, their music videos, and biblical answers to real questions about a real world. These spiritually inspiring programs can be used as teaching and instructional tools for youth groups and adults, as well as providing wholesome entertainment for the entire family. These videos and other privileges are now available exclusively to TIME 2 Club Video Members.

Truth Or Consequences Part 2 featuring Petra - Sight Unseen Music Video
Carman Ministries

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