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Below is the cover artwork that was displayed on the band's website, before the release of Do You Believe [Pre-Release]. I guess they dropped the title for some reason.

CD tracklist
01 Perfect Part Of Me 3:54
02 I Bow Down 4:18
03 Live My Life 4:20
04 Who I Am 4:11
05 Lift Up Holy Hands 4:03
06 More Than Ever 4:59
07 Like A Child 4:49
08 Fall Down 3:23
09 Do You Believe 3:42
9 tracks, 37:39
John Lawry
Release date
08-November-2006 (CD) / 10-July-2008 (iTunes)
Record label

Release date
08-November-2006 (CD) / 10-July-2008 (iTunes)
CD release
US Viktor (no catalogue number)
Louie Weaver - Drums
Jimi Bennett - Lead vocals
Tommy Brown - Bass
Terry McCollam - Keyboards
Shane Regal - Guitars
Production details
Produced by John Lawry
Mixed by John Jaszcz
Artwork details
None given

Viktor would like to thank all our fans for their patience in the making of this cd. We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers for God's favor and anointing. We are excited with this pre release and grateful for the support it will bring the finishing of this labor of love. ENJOY!

CD - USA - Viktor

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