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CRY 3 An Odyssey Of The Spirit


Vinyl tracklist
Side 1
01 First Trilogy 5:05
Creation 2:50
The Serpent 1:00
The Fall 1:15
02 Lost In A Dream 5:11
03 Know You Got To Run 4:07
04 Meanings Will Change 5:10
05 Reflections 2:50
Side 2
01 Second Trilogy 8:15
Incarnation 2:33
Crucifixion 3:17
Resurrection 2:22
02 I Heard The Voice Of Jesus 4:45
03 Glory, Glory 3:22
04 Open Our Eyes 3:31
9 tracks, 45:03
Don Andreson and Ronald Thomas
Release date
Record label
Clear Light Productions

Release date
Vinyl release
Clear Light Productions CL 102
01-01 First Trilogy
Music: Al Perez
01-02 Lost In A Dream
Words and music: Gary Wright
01-03 Know You Got To Run
Words and music: Stephen Stills and John Hopkins
01-04 Meanings Will Change
Words and music: Bill Hughes
01-05 Reflections
Words and music: Keith Cradock and Cliff Richard
02-01 Second Trilogy: Incarnation / Crucifixion
Music: Al Perez
02-01 Second Trilogy: Resurrection
Music: Charles Lloyd Chittendon III
02-02 I Heard The Voice Of Jesus
Words: Traditional
Arrangement: Edwin Hawkins
02-03 Glory, Glory
Words and music: Art Reynolds
02-04 Open Our Eyes
Words and music: Bill Lumkins
Contributing musicians
Greg Volz - Vocals
Terry Andersen - Vocals, percussion
Taylor Armerding - Vocals, guitar
Mike Johnson - Vocals, guitar
Turley Richards - Vocals on "I Heard The Voice Of Jesus"
Al Perez - Synthesizer
Charles Lloyd Chittendon III - Guitar
Lester Kahn - Guitar
Rex Waters - Bass
Bard Richmond - Bass
Jeff Lass - Keyboards
Gene Elders - Violin
Vern Gibson - Flute
Back up vocals
Carol Cope, Louise Costignan, Lenore Curtis, Barb Jennings
Marlene Nelson
Production details
Produced by Don Andreson and Ronald Thomas
Recorded at Aengus Studios, Southboro, Mass.
Recording engineer: Stephen Sheridan Eldridge
Back up vocals arranged and conducted by Jeff Lass
Artwork details
Jacket photograph: Don Andreson and Ronald Thomas
Jacket design and layout: Ronald Thomas

This recording represents the full music sound-track to Clear Light Productions' multi-media experience, CRY 3 An Odyssey Of The Spirit

Greg Volz is not credited for the vocals of any particular song. As far as I can hear he is performing lead vocals on "Lost In A Dream" and harmony vocals on "Glory, Glory". Perhaps he can also be credited for lead and harmony vocals on "Open Our Eyes", but I'm not sure.
The album was recorded in 1971 and was released four years later. So this is actually the first ever studio-recording featuring Greg X. Volz.