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The ministry of Petra to the youth of today is unparallelled in Christian music. Perhaps it is because the sounds and style of their music are exactly what the youth of the 1980's are listening to. Probably more than that, the lyrics of their songs are powerful and literally filled with truths from God's Word. The scripture set to music; God's eternal truths in song form will not return void. Hundreds of young people respond nightly to the call of God following a Petra concert. Because their ministry has meant so much to the church, we wanted to bring their music to the church.
You will find in this collection a variety of musical styles and message. "Doxology/Praise Ye The Lord" is a powerful opening song for a service, a high school assembly, or beach concert as well. The use of lighting effects would be especially appropriate with this song. "Why Should The Father Bother" is a mellow tune with a brief, beautiful a capella section. It reminds us that our access to God is not because of any merit of our own but because of what Christ has done for us. "Never Say Die" is a fun tune with a light jazz feel. Paul's admonishment to "press toward the prize of the high calling of Christ" is the theme of the song. "Not Of This World" and "More Power To Ya" are two of the best known Petra songs. Your youth will love these. "Godpleaser" is and up-tempo song which would be great for a school assembly, shopping mall performance, or any place where a strong statement of our intent as Christians is needed. The lyrics tell all that we desire to please God and not man in all we do.
"Stand Up/Lift Him Up" will give your youth marching orders for their place in God's army. The kids will love this one. "The Coloring Song" was the number one song in the nation for weeks. It is a descriptive ballad of God's provision through Christ and our need for response to Him. "Grave Robber" emphatically states that the grave has no victory, death has no sting for the Christian. Christ has won the victory through His death, burial, and resurrection. "Not By Sight" is a very strong tune lyrically and musically. We are encouraged to walk by faith not by sight. "Road To Zion" will serve as a moving invitation song in any setting you choose to use it. The road to Zion is in your heart and only you can open it to the Lord.
Remember, this is a collection. The songs can therefore be used in many different settings. All may not be appreciated for your particular worship experience. But all can be effectively used to reach young people and to allow your youth to reach out to others. God bless you as you minister to and through your youth and the young people in your community.

John B. Lee

Praise Ye The Lord
Why Should The Father Bother
Never Say Die
Not Of This World
More Power To Ya
Stand Up / Lift Him Up
The Coloring Song
Grave Robber
Not By Sight
Road Zo Zion
Release date
Star Song Music Publications SS-B-101
Other details
16 x 24 cm 104-page stapled book
Arranged by John Lee
A Star Song Music Publication / Distributed by HIS Song Music Distributors
Art direction: Joan Tankersley for The Cover Story
Illlustration: Randy and Robin Rogers
Layout: Lori Cooper
Companion materials
SS-B-101 Choral Book
SS-R-101 Listening Record
SS-C-101 Listening Cassette
SS-AR-101 Acc Track/Reel
SS-AC-101 Acc Track/Cassette
SS-RL-101 SA Rehearsal Tape
SS-RM-101 Male Voices Rehearsal Tape
SS-O-107 Octave - Praise Ye The Lord
SS-AC-107 Acc Track/Cass - Praise Ye The Lord
SS-O-108 Octave - Why Should The Father Bother
SS-AC-108 Acc Track/Cass - Why Should The Father Bother

BOOK - USA - Star Song Music Publications SS-B-101

© 1984 Star Song, 12929 Gulf Freeway, Suite 201, Houston, TX 77034 | A Star Song Music Publications | Distributed by HIS Song Music Distributors, P.O. Box 180212, Mobile, AL 36618 | Printed in U.S.A.
16 x 24 cm 104-page stapled book