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Ten of Europe's best Gospel artists sing 12 original compositions in a show that took three months to produce. From Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and England they came to The Netherlands on the invitation of Logo Media to perform for a major European satellite network.
Four of Holland's best directors were asked to visualize various performances which resulted in a show as varied as the manifold European cultures. The program is expertly joined by the wit and humor of master of ceremonies, Greg Volz, who resides in Nashville, Tennessee.
Each artists is fully supported with a band and much attention is given to lighting effects and pacing. Since a lot of the Gospel music has American roots and much of the European gospel music has been stimulated and influenced by American Gospel artists, it seems only natural to distill out of this material a show specifically geared to U.S. viewers. This experience was the culmination of the missionary efforts on the part of many Christian musicians travelling to Europe ministering and singing about their faith in Jesus Christ. Now European Gospel stands in its own and has a message to share to the world.

These are the songs and artists you can enjoy in Eurogospel:
"Free" and "Be A Winner" Charlotte Höglund/Sweden
"After Rain" Laila Dahl/Sweden
"Blood, Sweat & Tears" John Wahlström Band/Sweden
"Don't Ruin My Dream" Jan Groth/Denmark
"Lost, Lost, Lost" Marcel McArthur Band/The Netherlands
"Circus" and "Only Jesus" Adrian Snell/England
"Peace Like A River" Martyn Joseph/England
"Mountain Mover" Bryn Haworth/England
"You And Me" and "Nobody Knows" Dieter Falk Band/Germany

00:21 Greg X. Volz talks
01:42 Charlotte Höglund - Free
04:38 Charlotte Höglund talks
05:14 Charlotte Höglund - Be A Winner
08:26 Greg X. Volz talks
08:40 Laila Dahl - After Rain
12:44 Johan Wahlström Band - Blood, Sweat & Tears
16:17 Greg X. Volz talks
16:43 Jan Groth - Don't Ruin My Dream
19:21 Greg X. Volz talks
20:15 Marcel McArthur Band - Lost, Lost, Lost
23:33 Greg X. Volz talks
24:15 Adrian Snell - Welcome To The Circus
27:35 Adrian Snell - Only Jesus
31:48 Martyn Joseph - Peace Like A River
36:11 Bryn Haworth - Mountain Mover
40:51 Greg X. Volz talks
41:47 Dieter Falk Band - You And Me
43:35 Dieter Falk talks
44:24 Dieter Falk Band - Nobody Knows
47:23 Greg X. Volz talks
47:46 End credits

Logo Media
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Hoek & Sonépouse BV / Logo Media

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NL Hoek & Sonépouse BV / Logo Media [no cat#]
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Produced by Logo Media
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None given

VHS - The Netherlands - Hoek & Sonépouse BV / Logo Media [no cat#]

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