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Toymakers' Dream explodes to life on stage complete with a laser light show, pyrotechnical effects, dramatic choreography and costuming, dance, pantomime and acrobatics. Performed around the globe, this allegory of a Toymaker and his son has captivated young and old in its world of dreams, romance, rebellion, and rescue. This live stage presentation, with its detailed original soundtrack featuring artists Matthew Ward, Greg Volz, Kelly Willard, Farrell & Farrell, Sherman Andrus and Jeff Rindt, was filmed before live audiences, and currently is touring across the USA and abroad. Come be a part of a fantasy full of colorful toys, energetic Kats, a wicked Dream-Hater, and, of course, the tender, lovable Toymaker and everyone's hero, his son.
And remember... "It's just a dream until you believe."

The soundtrack has two songs that feature Greg X. Volz. The first song is a duet with Matthew Ward and is titled The Betrayal. A different recording of this song appeared later on the soundtrack CD of the Toymaker's Dream by Mike Demus. The second song is towards the end of the stage performance and features all kinds of different artists, probably including Greg X. Volz. This song is titled The Conqueror. The credits for the soundtrack cassette don't mention Volz' contribution to The Conqueror.

Running time, 77:28
Release date
Record label
Lamp / Impact Productions

Release date
VHS release
US Lamp/Impact Productions (no catalogue number)
David Grothe - Narrator
Stacy Ahring - Angel
Shawna Bursch - Angel
Jeni Copelin - Angel
Michele DeLong - Angel
Ginger Dee - Angel
Andrea Griffin - Angel & Spanish dancer
Jessica Griffin - Kat
Dave Hedrick - Toymaker
James Herbst - Soldier
Bob Jobe - Prince
Millie Li - China doll
Tom Newman - Toymaker's Son
Donna Nix - Angel & Bo Peep
Roger Nix - Dream hater
Danielle Ray - Angel
Amy Rittenhouse - Angel
Mike Tackitt - The King
Joan Tillman - Nurse
Kim Vokoun - Clown
Tammy Vokoun - Kat
Cheryl Wiggs - Princess
Charlie Wood - Pirate & reporter
Stage crew
Technical director: Randy Stuehm
Lighting director: Pete Redmond
Stage manager: Russ Jacox
Sound: Mike Blanco and John Redmond
Pyrotechnics: Gary Mathis
Stage assistant: John Tittle
Laser cue coordinator: Steve Hardin
Video production assistant: Monte Garden
Laser effects: Jeff Olson, Omni Lighting; Les Nance and Jim Hutchins, Lone Star Laser Shows
Costumes: Susan Newman and Peggy Leichtly
Production details
Directed for television by Steve D'Annolfo
For Impact Productions
Producer: Tom Newman
Creative consultant: Colin Harbinson
Production executive: Greg Kittinger
Choreography: Andrea Griffin
Original soundtrack: Mike Demus
Office staff: Kathy Beebe, Kim Dunn, Jim Klingensmith and Robin Whitham
For Archangel Motion Pictures & Television
Executive producers: Phil Cooke and Max Jones
Production executive: Harry Salem
Technical director: Craig Luthe
Video: Bill Lee
Audio: LeMoin Helmle
Video tape editor: Kevin Hardin
Assistant director: Cathy Renfro
Cameras: Brian Boyd, T.J. Willingham, Jim Anderson, Jim Rink and John Williamson
Lighting director: Matt Duell
Video tape: Brian Sinks
Electronic graphics: Les Crawford
Special thanks to: Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty and the staff and family of Victory Christian Center
For special music: Kelly Willard, Joe English, Nancy Westbrook, Sherman Andrus, Jeff Rindt, Bob & Jane Farrell (courtesy of Star Song Records), Matthew Ward (courtesy of Myrrh Records), Greg X. Volz (courtesy of Myrrh Records) and our "producer" family
Makeup and assistance Leslie: Professional Hair Design
"Toymaker's Dream" is an adaptation of the original stage production "Toymaker and Son" created and choreographed by Colin Harbinson
This live stage presentation was videotaped at Mabee Center, Tulsa, OK
Artwork details
None given

VHS - USA - Lamp/Impact Productions / Archangel (no catalogue number)

© 1987 Lamp/Impact Productions
No catalogue number | No barcode


There are versions out there with different printing on the label. Mine seems to be a rather late printing from August 1994.