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Vinyl tracklist
Side 1
01 Segment One: Russ Taff 17:24 w/
Russ Taff - Walk Between The Lines (full song)
Side 2
01 Segment Two: The Imperials (Jimmy Lee Sloas, Armond Moralis), Brown Bannister, Kim Boyce, Phil Keaggy 14:56 w/
Imperials - Get Ready (snippet)
Imperials - Devoted To You (snippet)
Kim Boyce - Love Resurrection (snippet)
Kim Boyce - Here (snippet)
Phil Keaggy - (instrumental song - snippet)
02 Segment Three: David Meece, The Choir, Benny Hester 15:06 w/
David Meece - All Is God's Creation (snippet)
David Meece - Candle In The Rain (snippet)
David Meece - His Love Was Reaching (full song)
Benny Hester - When God Ran (snippet)
Side 3
01 Segment Four: Sheila Walsh 17:11 w/
Sheila Walsh - Jesus Loves The Church (full song)
Snippets of Human Cry, Love Is The Answer, Angels With Dirty Faces
02 Segment Five: Steve Taylor, Bash-N-The Code, Greg X. Volz, Randy Stonehill 16:08 w/
Snippets of four Steve Taylor songs
Steve Taylor - Harder To Believe Than Not To (full song)
Bash-N-The Code - Soon And Very Soon (snippet)
Greg X. Volz - The River Is Rising (intro only)
Randy Stonehill
Side 4
01 Segment Six: Mylon LeFevre 16:44 w/
Mylon LeFever and Broken Heart - Love God, Hate Sin
Snippets of Crack The Sky and another song
02 Promo One :60
03 Promo Two :60
This album was sent out to radio stations to be broadcast on Saturday, 06-February-1988.
Jon Rivers
Release date
Record label
Myrrh Records

Release date
1988 (promotional release)
Vinyl release
Myrrh Records 901 6634 150 (gatefold cover)
Row I: Greg X. Volz, Kim Boyce, Chris Kearney (Bash-N-The Code), Phil Keaggy, Ron Hemby (The Imperials), Jimmie Lee (The Imperials), Derry Daugherty (The Choir), Philip Bailey
Row II: Mylon LeFevre (Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart), Mark Townsend (Bash-N-The Code), Jamie Kearney (Bash-N-The Code), Armond Morales (The Imperials), David Will (The Imperials), Russ Taff, Steve Hindalong (The Choir), Sheila Walsh
Row III: Keith Lancaster (Bash-N-The Code), Steve Taylor, David Meece, Randy Stonehill, Benny Hester
Production details
Produced by Jon Rivers for Myrrh Records
Executive producer: Mark Maxwell
Artwork details
Art direction: Joan Tankersley for Phonographics
Cover design: Patrick Pollei and Steve Fryer
Photography: Aaron Rapoport

Statement Of Faith

At Myrrh Records we challenge ourselves daily as to who we are and why we are here. Ultimately, after we shake off the dust of daily business - we are here to speak about Jesus Christ.
Through in-depth conversations we have captured a glimpse of the hearts and desires of our artists on tape. The result is a two hour insight into the lives of the people who are on this label.
This interview package was created for you to understand the intent of our artists. Music is the universal language and the redemption of Jesus Christ is the universal message. We feel honored to be a part of a medium which involves both.

2LP - USA - Myrrh Records SPCN# 901 6634 150

Cover: © Copyright 1988 Myrrh Records | Printed in the U.S.A. | For promotional use only
Labels: Myrrh Records • Waco, Texas | A division of Word, Inc. | Myrrh logo with M below first r
SPCN# 901 6634 150 | Labels: 901-6634-150
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