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This Bible is supposed to have a section on rock music, written by Bob Hartman. There is a section on rock music in my copy, but it is not credited to Bob Hartman.
Popular youth Bible THE TRANSFORMER contains the ultimate power source - God's transforming Word. You'll also find straight guidance on life's most critical issues from people like Josh McDowell, Dawson McAllister, Bill Bright and Jay Strack.
What's inside the power of THE TRANSFORMER:
- Things You've Wanted To Know About Life. Answers to the top 40 questions young adults ask most, including questions on AIDS, crack, and New Age religions
- Exclusive 4-Step Reading Program. Design your own exploration of God's Word. You can start with the basics, or get and advanced course.
- How To Study And Interpret The Bible. Discover the keys to unlock God's Word. This section puts real tools and easy methods into your hands.
- Right Beliefs For Real Living. Find out how the Bible relates to your own life and what you believe
And there's more:
- Back From The Grave. Miracle, mockery or big mistake?
- Being A Disciple
- Keys To Transformation
About the cover:
Using elements from traditional Christian symbolism and Michelangelo's The Creation Of Man, the artists illustrates the dynamic transforming power of God's love. The rainbow, a symbol from Noah's time of God's promise to man, radiates from the point of transformation, depicting life eternal
Release date
Thomas Nelson Publishing Company ISBN 0-8407-2166-8

BOOK - USA - Thomas Nelson Publishing Company ISBN 0-8407-2166-8

Thomas Nelson Publishing Company
ISBN 0-8407-2166-8 | Barcode: 0 20049 21668 2