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In an age where promiscuity is rampant and a careless sexual encounter can be fatal, here's a powerful media tool that helps your young people make responsible decisions about their sexual behavior.
This powerful film essay features dramatic vignettes, the best in contemporary music from Petra, and real life situations out of today's news headlines which create meaningful discussion when used to launch a program on this important topic.
Directed by an award-winning film maker from USC, and featuring noted author and speaker Josh McDowell, this vital media presentation in the ongoing WHY WAIT? campaign creates a not-to-be-forgotten program when used with young people.
This film, primarily intended for presentation in public school settings, is frank while steering young people towards God's plan for their relationships.
As the on-camera host/narrator states, "we have contemporary rock-and-roll heroes telling us 'sex is best, one-on-one', our ministers telling us, 'sex is best, none-on-none,' and every medical authority in the country telling us that sexual encounter of any king has high potential for contracting a sexually transmitted disease. So WHO DO YOU LISTEN TO?"
Practical answers come from a variety of sources, from the humor of the Preacher in Disguise (PID) rap group to outstanding medical, social, and spiritual communicators in this timely film.

Running time, 37 minutes

A companion product is the Who Do You Listen To? Music Video Soundtrack, featuring four of the songs from this video (Petra, Mastadon, Kim Boyce and P.I.D.).

David N. Weiss
Ken Carpenter
Release date
Record label
Gospel Films Video

Release date
VHS release
US Gospel Films Video (no catalogue number)
Sex performed by Mastadon
Words and music: Bob Hartman
Who Do You Listen To? performed by PETRA
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: John and Dino Elefante
A Current Affair performed by P.I.D.
Courtesy of Graceland
Words and music: Fred Lynch and Barry Hogan
How Do We Say Goodnight performed by Rick Florian
Courtesy of Sparrow Records and Whiteheart
Word and music: Bob Hartman
I Just Want To Celebrate performed by Kim Boyce
Courtesy of Myrrh Records
Words and music: Nick Zeseses and Dino Fekaris
The Night Is Young performed by Tina Keil
Words and music: Bob Hartman
Butch Hartman - Narrator
Nicolle Anton - Amanda
Kevin Molloy - Rick
Gloria Rusch - Mrs. Lewis
Julie Maddalena - Tricia
Kent Burden - Kent
Robert Munic - Mark
Jeanne Marie Sapienza - Celeste
Brian Richardson - Tommy
Camille Carrigan - Diane
Michael Jeffries - Brian
Lara Reyes - Alissa
Doug Harrison - Todd
Production details
Gospel Films Video. A Why Wait? Production
A Weiss / Carpenter production
Executive producer: Dave Bellis
Co-producers: Peter Foldy and James Bradford
Associate producer: Dave Morley
Music supervisor: Bob Hartman
Production designer: Joan Tankersly
Director of photography: Fred A. Paddock
Written by Ken Carpenter and Dean Nelson
Produced by Ken Carpenter
Directed by David N. Weiss
Production manager: Jerri Lucas
Assistant director: J.B. Bradford
Editor: David Lux
Post-production supervisor: Mark McCone
Off-line editing: Dave Bellis and Ken Meister
Audio mix: Craig Rettmer
Assistant cameraman: Roland Schlotzhauer
Key grip: Troy Paddock
Gaffer: Greg King
Sound: Ed Seaman
Boom operator: Lyle McEachin
Second unit camera: Roland Schlotzhauer
Grip: Matt Mayer
Production assistants: Lynn Christy, Marylee Helm and Remedios Lontok
Make-up / hair stylist: Carter Bradley
Craft services: Carolyn Carpenter
Still photographer: Becky Bellis
Casting director: Jim Bradford
Casting associate: Toni Attell
Assistant to the director: Bruce Byrd
Production associate: Rod Carpenter
Post production: Paddock Productions, Kansas City; E & P Productions, Salem, OH
Post production audio: Soundtrek V, Kansas City
Artwork details
Photos: Becky Bellis

VHS - USA - Gospel Films Video (no catalogue number)

No year indicated | Gospel Films, Inc., Box 455, Muskegon, MI 49443-0455
No catalogue number | No barcode