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06 Who Do You Listen To?
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: John and Dino Elefante

Just an innocent girl with a wide eyed look
What she needs to know she'll never read in any grade school book
Just an innocent smile drives a young man wild
But what do you do when you're caught somewhere between a woman and a child

With so much to gain and so much to lose
You gotta know all the facts before you can choose

Who, who do you listen to?
When they try to tell you
Who do you listen to?
You need to know
But who do you listen to?
You need to trust somebody
Who do you listen to?

Some people say it's safe, some people say it's love
Some will get their way even if they have to push and shove
You can risk all your love and be left with hate
But do you really want to risk your life when it's safer just to wait

There must be someone that you can depend on
Someone who wants nothing in return
There's a choice to make
There's so much at stake
Only you can choose which path to take
So who do you listen to?