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With Your Hosts Jacob's Trouble

The Best Christian Videos We've Ever Seen is exactly that. Featuring today's top Christian music ministers in a package that will share the good news of Christ through the excitement of music videos. Join host, Jacob's Trouble, for more than 40 minutes of the best Christian videos you'll ever see.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Jacob's Trouble announces next video
00:35 Petra - Whole World
05:15 Jacob's Trouble - Something Good Happens
09:28 Steve Atwell announces next video
09:45 White Heart - Independence Day
14:19 Jerry Davison announces next video
14:43 Mylon LeFevre And Broken Heart - Denomination Demolition
18:02 Ron Cochran announces next video
18:12 Edin-Adahl - Heaven Into My Soul
21:12 Ron Cochran announces next video
21:18 Newsboys - Simple Man
25:01 Mark Blackburn
25:13 Whitecross - In The Kingdom
30:36 Interview with Jacob's Trouble
35:30 Outro
Running time: 36:04
Release date
Record label
Frontline Music Group

Release date
VHS release
US Frontline Music Group FLV9257
Whole World
Words and music: Bob Hartman
"Whole World"
Bob Hartman - Guitars
Mark Kelly - Bass
John Lawry - Keyboards
John Schlitt - Lead vocals
Louie Weaver - Drums
Production details
Courtesy of Star Song
Music producer: John & Dino Elefante
Video producer: Sam Taylor
Video director: Lori Kellor
Production details
Coordinator: Dan Hickling for Ministry Ministry
Edited by Jeff Bates for Video Impact
A&R administration: Jackie Patillo
Production coordinator: Debbie Norris
Artwork details
Art direction: Toni Thigpen
Design: Kurt Dietsch
Layout: Lisa Martinson

VHS - USA - Frontline Music Group FLV9257

© & (p) 1992 Frontline Records, P.O. Box 28450, Santa Ana, CA 92799-8450 | Label: (p) & © 1992 Frontline Records (a division of the Frontline Music Group), P.O. Box 28450, Santa Ana, CA 92799 | Distribution by FMG Distribution, Newport Beach, CA |
FLV9257 / SPCN 8-5126-0411-5 | Barcode: 0 26297 92573 4