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Nicaragua, Soviet Union, Peru, and Guatemala provide the backdrops for music videos by Petra, Kenny Marks, Whitecross and Rich Mullins as they have turned a part of the world around.
Teen Mania Ministries presents these videos by award winning producer Stephen Yake. See how Christian artists have been a part of a dramatic impact by invading the world with a fresh, wild, courageous energy to reach out to unreached countries.
Teen Mania Ministries is a ministry that reaches teenagers across the United States and sends them out on foreign mission fields to reach the lost each summer. Please call for more information on how you can join this army, 1-800-299-TEEN. Or write Teen Mania Ministries, PO Box 700721, Tulsa, OK 74170-0721.

This video is hosted by John Schlitt. The back of the box lists the song "Run To The Battle" by Steve Camp, but it is not used in the video.

00:00 Introduction
00:34 John Schlitt talks
01:09 Rich Mullins - The Other Side of The world
03:25 Petra - Armed And Dangerous
08:40 John Schlitt talks
09:04 Rich Mullins - How Can I Keep Myself From Singing
12:37 Whitecross - In The Kingdom
17:34 John Schlitt talks
18:28 Kenny Marks - Turn My World Around
22:09 John Schlitt talks
22:56 End credits
Running time, 24:17
Ron Luce
Release date
Record label
Word Visual Audio

Release date
VHS release
US Word Visual Audio 8015146690
-- The Other Side Of The World
Words and music: Rich Mullins
Originally from the album: Winds Of Heaven... Stuff Of Earth
-- Armed And Dangerous
Words and music: Bob Hartman
Originally from the album: Beyond Belief
-- How Can I Keep Myself From Singing
Words and music: Rich Mullins
Originally from the album: Winds Of Heaven... Stuff Of Earth
-- In The Kingdom
Words and music: Dez Dickerson
Originally from the album: In The Kingdom
-- Turn My World Around
Words and music: Kenny Marks and David Martin
Originally from the album: Fire Of Forgiveness
Production details
Executive producer: Teen Mania Ministries
Producer: Ron Luce
Directed by Stephen Yake
Post production: Willie George Ministries, The Edit Suite
Edited by Cory Edwards, Stephen Yake, Bruce Dinehart
Cinematographer: Brett Reynolds
Assistant cinematographer: R. Stacy Ratliff
Grips: Brain "Bulldog" Blagowsky, Brad Boaz
Special thanks to John Schlitt & Petra, Kenny Marks, Rich Mullins, Whitecross, David Hasz, Tony Leech, Christy Spann
John Schlitt's segments taped on location in Banff, Alberta, Canada
Artwork details
None given

VHS - USA - Word Visual Audio 8015146690

(p) & © 1992 Word, Inc. | Manufactured and distributed by Word, Inc., 5221 N. O'Connor Blvd., Irving, TX 75039 | In Canada: Word Communications Ltd., Vancouver, B.C. | In Great Britain: Word (UK) Ltd. | Printed in U.S.A.
8015146690 | Barcode: 0 8068-95096-3 6