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On Bended Knees is a very special program produced specifically to help Christian youth cope with and understand the complicated challenges facing them today.
Two gifted youth pastors lead discussion focusing on such topics as: suicide, date abuse, running away, responsibility in your home, time with your children, God's authority and family love.
Utilizing discussions, scripture, biblical insight, and the Christian music of Greg X. Volz and his band The Ministers, this program offers an entertaining and straightforward approach to dealing with these sensitive and complicated issues facing today's youth.
The producers of this program highly recommend that parents and church groups also view this video for its valuable guidance and insight.

Music videos: What Then, Freedom Train, Set Up To Take A Fall, On Bended Knees, Come To Me.

00:00 Introduction
00:39 What Then music video
05:59 Sketch with Jonna Volz as Young America
06:23 Youth pastor discussion: Responsibility in your home
08:19 Freedom Train music video
11:54 Sketch with Jonna Volz as Young America
12:24 Youth pastor discussion: Suicide
16:52 Set Up (To Take A Fall) music video
20:54 Sketch with Jonna Volz as Young America
21:36 Youth pastor discussion: Date abuse
24:07 On Bended Knees music video
29:31 Sketch with Jonna Volz as Young America
29:51 Youth pastor discussion: Running Away
33:31 Come To Me music video
37:56 Sketch with Jonna Volz as Young America
38:21 Youth pastor discussion: Sexual abuse
41:10 Sketch with Jonna Volz as Young America
41:37 Youth pastor discussion: Family love
43:49 Sketch with Jonna Volz as Young America
44:08 Youth pastor discussion: Time with your children
45:45 Sketch with Jonna Volz as Young America
46:40 Youth pastor discussion close
51:45 End credits
Running time, 54:37
Release date
Record label
Dave Adams Productions, Inc.

Release date
VHS release
Dave Adams Productions, Inc. DA-1004
Production details
Written, produced and directed by Dave Adams
Executive producers: Lee Perkins, Ken Wetherington and Carpenter's Home Publications
Associate producers: Paul Pickern, Stephen Strader and Becky Volz
Editor: Dave A. Adams
Editing facilities: Carpenter's Home Productions, Lakeland, FL, CPN Television, Inc., Clearwater, FL
Video equipment: Cross Video, Orlando, FL
Concert cameras: Brandon Adams, Dave A. Adams, Stephen Strader
Concert lighting: Doug Williams
Stage productions: Steven Breathitt, David Habegger
Concert audio: Mike Cole
Concert band: The Ministers, courtesy of Hollywood Records
Lead guitar: Dale Oliver
Keyboard: Mike Atwell
Bass: Jimmy Lee Sloas
Drums: Kip Raines
Concert location: Carpenter's Home Church, Lakeland, FL
On location cameras: Dave A. Adams, Stephen Strader
Field production assistants: Brandon Adams, Ellen Andrews, Joann Bogart
Concept video talent: Brandon Adams, Melissa Farless, Jonna Volz
Special thanks: Plant City, FL
City manager: Nettie Draughon
Police chief: Troy Surrency
Captain: James Watson
Sargent: Bill McDaniel
Officers: John Borders, Karon Lasseter
Special thanks: WCIE-FM, Lakeland, FL; Ronnie Volz, River Records, Nashville, TN; Carpenter's Home Church Youth Department, Lakeland, FL
Artwork details
Package design: Dave A. Adams

VHS - USA - Dave A. Adams Productions DA-1004

© 1992 Dave Adams Productions, Inc. | Stardance Entertainment / Glory Films
DA-1004 | Label: #GL 1004 | Barcode: 7 65022 10043 4