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Prominent Christian artists and industry professionals reveal their experiences and give helpful advice, with host Gary McSpadden.

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Gary McSpadden introduces the first segment
01:43 Segment 1 with
01:53 Bill Traylor (President Homeland Records)
04:17 Susan Ashton
04:59 Mark Lowry
05:14 Point Of Grace
06:44 Gary McSpadden introduces the second segment
07:57 Segment 2 with
08:06 Barry Landis (Warner Alliance Records), Mike Atkins (Atkins/Muse Agency), Peter Bunetta (producer), Steve Brallier (William Morris Booking Agency), John Styll (CCM Communications)
21:56 Wes King
25:00 Michael James
26:07 Gary McSpadden introduces the third segment
27:16 Segment 3 with
27:25 Cindy Morgan
31:35 Gary McSpadden introduces the fourth segment
32:25 Segment 4 with
32:36 Angelo and Veronica
33:56 Pam Thum
34:39 Gary McSpadden introduces music video
35:09 Pam Thum - Love Sees (music video)
39:44 Segment 5 with
39:55 Point Of Grace
40:13 Petra (John Lawry, John Schlitt, Bob Hartman, Ronny Cates, Louie Weaver)
41:25 Gary McSpadden introduces the fifth segment
42:15 Segment 5 with
42:26 Bill Gaither
52:15 Clay Crosse
53:28 Clay Crosse - I Surrender All (music video)
58:07 Gary McSpadden closes the video and announces other videos in this series
Running time, 60:04

Interview footage seems to be taken from the tv-program At The Stage Door, hosted by Gary McSpadden.

Even though Gary McSpadden announces the release of several more videos in this series, I've never found confirmation of the actual release of further videos in this series.

Release date
Record label
McSpadden-Smith Productions

Release date
VHS release
US McSpadden-Smith Productions 08068 95220-3
Production details
Hosted by Gary McSpadden
A McSpadden-Smith Production in association with ACTS Satellite Network Inc.
Artwork details
None given
The young man depicted on the artwork is Clay Crosse.

VHS - USA - McSpadden-Smith Productions 08068 95220-3

© 1994
08068 95220-3 | Barcode: 0 8068-95220-3 1