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Promotional Video: True Love Waits National Celebration

True love waits continues to be the most widely covered positive story about teenagers in the nation's history. It's a story of faith and commitment. Of standing up for what is right. And, when tens of thousands of students from throughout the country converged on Washington, D.C., to declare their sexual abstinence until marriage, the world took note. The voices of a young and rapidly growing crowd were leading the call for a return to moral principles!
INSP cameras were there. To witness history in the making. To visualize the stories of these courageous young people. To see them display hundreds of thousands of covenant cards pledging their sexual purity. To capture the stirring challenges posed by some of America's most highly recognized youth speakers. To convey the energy in the on-stage appearances of Steven Curtis Chapman, Petra, DeGarmo & Key and many others, all supporters of the True Love Waits Movement.
Gather your family and enjoy together this inspiring and dynamic event. Declare to those you know that, yes indeed, True Love Waits!

Included on this video are interviews with Ronny Cates, Jim Cooper and John Schlitt. There is also live recording of part of the concert Petra gave in The Mall, Washington, D.C., 29-July-1994. Part of this recording was to be used for the Revival DVD.

00:13 Introduction
01:00 Hosts Lisa Bevill and Mac Heald
02:45 Mike E. talks to some kids
Lisa and Mac
03:17 Pam Thum reports
05:43 Lisa and Mac
05:53 Pam Thum reports
06:15 Lisa and Mac
06:50 Mike E. talks to some kids
08:51 Lisa and Mac
09:30 Lisa and Mac interview Josh McDowell
11:55 Josh talks to the kids
12:22 Lisa and Mac
12:33 Lisa and Mac interview Richard Ross, founder of True Love Waits
13:40 DeGarmo and Key
19:24 Interview with DeGarmo and Key
20:32 DeGarmo and Key
24:09 Lisa and Mac
25:04 Mike E. and Pam Thum report
25:42 Pam Thum talks to PFR
26:57 Lisa and Mac
27:14 Geoff Moore reports
27:52 Press conference with, among others, Steven Curtis Chapman and Josh McDowell
29:52 Geoff Moore reports
30:31 Lisa and Mac
30:56 Mike E. interviews Ronny Cates and Jim Cooper
33:07 Pam Thum reports
34:50 Lisa and Mac
35:03 Mike E. interviews Dave Scherrer, director of True Love Waits (YFC)
37:19 Lisa and Mac
37:30 Pam Thum reports
38:05 Petra - Good News
38:36 Interview with John Schlitt
39:18 Petra - Good News
39:36 Break: True Love Really Waits
42:35 Lisa and Mac
43:45 Petra - I Love The Lord
44:41 Petra - I Will Call Upon The Lord
47:57 Petra - Praying Man
51:58 Lisa and Mac
53:40 Lisa and Mac interview dr. Joe McIlhaney
57:04 Ron Hutchcraft speaks on stage
73:23 Lisa and Mac
73:53 Pam Thum interviews Roger Cross of Youth For Christ
75:57 Lisa and Mac
76:06 Steven Curtis Chapman
80:09 Geoff Moore interviews Steven Curtis Chapman
82:02 Steven Curtis Chapman
82:47 Interview with John James (Newsboys)
83:16 Press conference with Richard Ross
83:58 Lisa and Mac interview Richard Ross, True Love Waits founder
85:40 Mike E. reports
85:55 pam Thum reports
86:08 Lisa and Mac
86:31 End credits
Total time, 87:30
INSP Direct
Production details
Executive producers: Bill Muir and David Cerullo
Producer / director: H. Ossie Mills
Line producer: Doug Butts
Operations manager: Dan McKenrick
Chief engineer: Monroe Jackson
Senior audio engineer: Chip Zayak
Audio assistants: Robert Tavaglione, David Floyd
Lighting director: Bryan Smerdon
Lighting assistant: Ben Cerullo
Technical director: Rick Eisleben
Assistant director: Donna Chavis
Camera operators: Kurt Oakley, Bob Page, Bob Roman, Barbara Byrne, Darryl Player, Sheila Cogan, Doug McKinley, Jon Nelson, Mike Peters, Doug Drew
Video engineers: Ron Steele, Eddie Swanson
Electronic graphics: Lisa P. Hanson
Tape operator: John Barnes
Stage managers: Heidi Dove, Loretta Jones, Julie Segal
Make-up: Roz Arlington
Production coordinator: Stacey Jo Scheirer
Production assistant: Judson Jackson
Grips: Craig Carter, Aisha Barber, Chris Gentry, Rich Barber, Billy Stone
ASL truck staff (audio): Steven Remote, Keith Williams, Scott Hartmann
Unitel truck staff: Glen Levine, Jim McCourt, George Bielich
Reflections staff (audio): Mark Walker, Mark Williams, Mike Edwards
Home base talent: Mac Heald, Lisa Bevill
Backstage reporters: Mike E., Pam Thum
"Roaming" reporter: Geoff Moore
"Roaming" producer: Kent DeVoll
Marketing: Kathy Covington
Teleprompter: Dan Patsko
Petra courtesy of Word Records
Degarmo and Key courtesy of Benson
Steven Curtis Chapman courtesy of Sparrow Communications

VHS - USA - INSP Home Video Collection / Youth For Christ (no catalogue number)

© 1994 INSP
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