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Music + Laughter = Great Teaching
In Your Face is a youth video series designed to hit teens where they live. It tackles real life problems, questions and ideas that teens face on their road trip to adulthood. It also breaks the barriers that separate the generations by using humor, examples and side-splitting stories that serve as a springboard for further discussion.
In Your Face is hosted by Ken Davis, one of the most sought-after youth speakers in America. He provides a unique mixture of humor and inspiration which hits home with a positive message.
In Your Face topics are punctuated by contemporary Christian music from today's favorite artists: Margaret Becker, PFR, Petra, John Schlitt, Rich Mullins, Twila Paris, Out of the Grey, Newsboys, Lisa Bevill, Steve Taylor, Big Tent Revival, Geoff Moore & The Distance and Audio Adrenaline.

00:00 Introduction by John Schlitt
00:18 Session 1 God, What Do You Want? Finding God's Will
02:32 Comments by John Schlitt
03:49 Show Me The Way by John Schlitt
08:04 Session 1 continues
16:53 Comments by John Schlitt
18:00 Session 2: Does Anybody Really Care? Being A Real Friend
22:03 Brother's Keeper by Rich Mullins
25:14 Session 2 continues
Running time, 33:00
Release date
Record label
Dallas Christian Video

Release date
VHS release
US Dallas Christian Video ISBN 56707-053-1-9
Production details
Hosted by Ken Davis
Executive producer: Robert Hill
Senior producer: David Benware
Director: Clark Santee
Line producer: Lorie Lehman
Creative director: Tex Frossard
Director - artist interviews: Daren Thomas
Research: Douglas McKelvey
Music: Bryant-Hames Music
Video graphics: Susan Leonard
Production / post production facilities: The Radio & Televions Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
Post production supervisor: David Baertsch
Creative consultants: Byron Emmert and Dan Marlow
Print graphics: Lion & Lamb Advertising
Production assistant: Angela Gage
John Schlitt appears courtesy of Word Records
Rich Mullins appears courtesy of Reunion Records
Artwork details
None given

VHS - USA - Dallas Christian Video ISBN 56707-053-1-9

Dallas Christian Video (Meeting The Video Needs of Today's Church), 1878 Firman, Richardson, TX 75081, 1-800-898-4336 | Label: Distributed by: Dallas Christian Video, 1878 Firman, Richardson, TX 75081, (972) 644-1905
ISBN 56707-053-1-9 | No barcode