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CD tracklist
01 Wes King - The Power Of One 3:20
02 Jars Of Clay - The Comforter Has Come 3:42
03 Scott Krippayne and Denise Jones (Point Of Grace) - You Are Still God 4:00
04 Wayne Kirkpatrick - When You Come For Me 3:24
05 Owsley - Rise 4:32
06 Jonathan Noël - Undertow 3:17
07 Alison Krauss - Pain Was The Love 3:33
08 Buddy Greene - Kingdom Hymn 3:07
09 John Schlitt (Petra) - Ready To Go 4:12
10 Out Of The Grey - Hold On Hope 4:03
11 Charlie Peacock - Redbones In The Shadow 4:43
12 Gordon Kennedy - Only Love 2:30
13 Dick and Mel Tunney - Come, Let Us Return To The Lord 4:51
14 Steven Curtis Chapman - Listen To Our Hearts 4:26
15 Andrew Osenga and Cason Cooley (The Normals) - There She Is 3:56
16 Sandra McCracken, Derek Webb - Now And Then 3:54
17 Steve Green - Total Praise 5:01
18 Ginny Owens - My Soul Finds Rest 4:06
18 tracks, 70:37
Matt Huesmann, Jars Of Clay, Monroe Jones, Gordon Kennedy, Wes King, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Alison Krauss, Phil Naish, Jonathan Noel & Daniel Haseltine, Andrew Osenga and Cason Cooley, Owsley, Dick Tunney
Release date
Record label
Christ Community Church

Release date
CD release
Christ Community Church (no code)
01 The Power Of One
Words and music: Wes and Fran King
02 The Comforter Has Come
Words: Frank Bottome, 1890
Music: Stephen Mason, Matt Odmark, Charlie Lowell and Dan Haseltine
03 You Are Still God
Words and music: Scott Krippayne
04 When You Come For Me
Words and music: Wayne Kirkpatrick
05 Rise
Words and music: Owsley and Dillon O'Brian
06 Undertow
Words: Jonathan Noel and Daniel Haseltine
Music: Jonathan Noel
07 Pain Was The Love
Words and music: Ron Block
08 Kingdom Hymn
Words: Ed Miller
Music: Buddy Greene
09 Ready To Go
Words and music: Dan Needham and John Schlitt
10 Hold On Hope
Words and music: Scott and Christine Dente
11 Redbones In The Shadow
Music: Charlie Peacock
12 Only Love
Words and music: Gordon Kennedy and Margaret Becker
13 Come, Let Us Return To The Lord
Words and music: Dick and Mel Tunney
14 Listen To Our Hearts
Words and music: Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore
15 There She Is
Words and music: Andrew Osenga
16 Now And Then
Words and music: Sandra McCracken
17 Total Praise
Words and music: Richard Smallwood
18 My Soul Finds Rest
Words and music: Gregory and Rebecca Sparks
The players
Adam Anders, Sam Bacco, Barry Bales, Ron Block, Steve Brewster, Tom Bukovac, Joey Canaday, Steven Curtis Chapman, David Cleveland, Jim Danaker, Eric Darken, Scott Dente, Carl Gorodetzky, Dan Haseltine, David Hamilton, Andy Hubbard, Matt Huesmann, Monroe Jones, Shane Keister, Gordon Kennedy, Alison Krauss, Paul Leim, Ken Lewis, Jeff Lippencott, Charlie Lowell, Stephen Mason, Chris McHugh, Phil Naish, The Nashville String Machine, Amanda Noel, Matt Odmark, Owsley, Danny O'Lannerghty, John Mark Painter, Joe Porter, Aaron Sands, Gary Smith, Dick Tunney, Jonathon Yudkin
Production details
Executive producers: Grant Cunningham, Don Donahue, David Hampton, Matt Huesmann and Scotty Smith, Senior Pastor
Production assistance: Cindy Blom, Elaine Donahue, Tricia Hampton, Denise Pitzer
The producers: Matt Huesmann, Jars Of Clay, Monroe Jones, Gordon Kennedy, Wes King, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Alison Krauss, Phil Naish, Jonathan Noel & Daniel Haseltine, Andrew Osenga and Cason Cooley, Owsley, Dick Tunney
The engineers: Steve Bishir, Ronnie Brookshire, Jim Dineen, Paul Hager, Matt Huesmann, Tomas Johnson, Jason Lehning, Gary Paczosa, Vance Powell, Mike Psanos, Chris Scherbak, Tim Tan, Chris Weigel
The studios: The Beanstalk, Dream In Color, Emerald Tracking Room, The Matinee, Sputnik Sound, Mole End, Ocean Way, October Sound, Rack And Roll, 17 Grand, Sondance Kid, The Story Room
Mastered by Hank Williams at Mastermix, Nashville, TN
Artwork details
Original artwork: RENEWAL by David Arms
Layout and design: Jimmy Abegg

It's fitting that this project is being released on the 15th birthday of Christ Community Church. For like most 15 years olds, we know the conflicting passions of adolescence, and yet also, we have the longing for greater freedom and maturity.
Ever since our first year of meeting from 3:30 to 6:00 on Sunday afternoons at Christ Presbyterian Church, we have known the joy of being referred to as a community of art. Indeed, we have had an amazing number and array of very talented people in the vocational arts that call us "home". We have all enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, their gifts. And yet, as we move into our new facility, we are praying and believing that this next season of our story will find each one of us bringing our gifts into the art of community. It's time. It's time for all of us to take seriously, and joyfully, our calling to live out the radical implications of the gospel of God's grace - together. Community is not a commodity the church dispenses, it is a great symphony the Spirit creates and conducts as a wide diversity of believers walk, worship, weep and work - together - for the glory of Jesus.
As you listen to this project, consider is the prelude to the new song Jesus is writing in Christ Community Church. Enjoy the tremendous range of talents, styles, genres and arrangements. But as you listen, realize that this is just a beginning in our life together as CCC. And realize that this is just a sampling, not only of the many art forms in our family, but primarily of the many hearst being formed into the likeness of Jesus. The renewing of CCC is going to come through the releasing of all of our hearts and gifts.
A heart felt thanks to all of the wonderful men and women who so generously gave of their art and hearts to be woven into this family tapestry. A hope filled longing for what comes next.
Listen and enjoy, but also listen and join in.


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© 2001 Christ Community Church
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