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CD tracklist
01 Hanna Peterson - I Won't Give Up 2:19
02 Ken Block - I Need You Again 3:45 *
03 Nick Nanton - I Pray 3:29
04 Greg Doles - Circle Of Light 3:50
05 Jim Evans - Where Love Comes From 4:07
06 Dan Dickhaus - Travel With Me 3:29
07 Ronny Cates - You're Never Alone 4:15 **
08 John McMillan - Be My Light 3:46
09 Michael J. - Independence Day 3:23
10 Matt Collins - To See You Grow 4:06
10 tracks, 36:29
Nick Nanton, * Ken Block, ** Ronny Cates
Release date
Record label
STOP! Children's Cancer

Release date
CD release
STOP! Children's Cancer (no code)
01 I Won't Give Up
Words and music: Hanna Peterson and Nick Nanton
02 I Need You Again
Words and music: Ken Block
03 I Pray
Words and music: Nick Nanton
04 Circle Of Light
Words and music: Greg Doles
05 Where Love Comes From
Words and music: Jim Evans
06 Travel With Me
Words and music: Dan Dickhaus
07 You're Never Alone
Words and music: Ronny Cates
08 Be My Light
Words and music: John McMillan
09 Independence Day
Words and music: Michael J.
10 To See You Grow
Words and music: Matt Collins
Musicians "You're Never Alone"
Ronny Cates - Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass
Tom Hurst - Drums
Other musicians
Jim Evans - Acoustic guitar on "I Won't Give Up", "I Pray" and "Where Love Comes From"
Jim Evans - Lead vocal on "Where Love Comes From"
Jim Evans - Mandolin on "Be My Light"
Michael J. - Bass on all songs except "You're Never Alone"
Michael J. - Electric guitar on "I Won't Give Up", "I Pray", "Travel With Me" and "Independence Day"
Michael J. - Acoustic guitar on "Independence Day"
Michael J. - Vocals on "Independence Day"
Tracy Collins - Piano on "I Won't Give Up", "Where Love Comes From" and "Independence Day"
Tracy Collins - B3 on "I Won't Give Up" and "I Pray" and "Independence Day"
Tracy Collins - Wurlitzer on "I Pray"
Tracy Collins - Strings on "Where Love Comes From"
Tom Hurst - Drums on all songs except "Where Love Comes From"
Tom Hurst - Percussion on "Where Love Comes From" and "Be My Light"
Hanna Peterson - Lead vocal on "I Won't Give Up"
John McMillan - Background vocal on "I Won't Give Up", "I Pray" and "Where Love Comes From"
John McMillan - Acoustic guitar and vocals on "Be My Light"
Ken Block - Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars on "I Need You Again"
Nick Nanton - Lead vocal on "I Pray"
Greg Doles - Vocals on "Circle Of Light"
Greg Doles - Acoustic guitar on "Circle Of Light" and "Travel With Me"
Greg Doles - Backing vocal on "Travel With Me"
Tuck Tucker - Dobro on "Circle Of Light", "Travel With Me", "Be My Light" and "To See You Grow"
Dan Dickhaus - Lead vocal on "Travel With Me"
Matt Collins - Acoustic guitar and vocals on "To See You Grow"
Production details
All songs produced and engineered by Nick Nanton except:
"You're Never Alone" produced and engineered by Ronny Cates and "I Will Talk" produced by Ken Block
Executive producers: Nick Nanton and Diane Biernacki
Recorded by Nick Nanton at Loud Studio, Gainesville, FL
Mixed by Ronny Cates at Rec Room Studio Inc., Gainesville, FL
Mastered by Derron Nuhfer at Sarlacc Mastering, Gainesville, FL
Artwork details
Covert art from "Bonnie's Balloons", watercolor by Bonnie Freeman
Graphic design: Dan Dickhaus, Rec Room Studio, Gainesville, FL

When Bonnie Freeman was diagnosed with cancer in 1981, she realized the need for an organization that could help other children like herself who had the disease. With help from her sister, Carolyne R. Freeman and her parents, Howard and Laurel Freeman, STOP! Children's Cancer was founded that same year. Since its inception, STOP! has raised over two million dollars for children's cancer research. In a letter written in 1983, Bonnie requested that "since the money from this fund is for all the kids in the world, everyone should help." Bonnie's legacy lives on through STOP! Children's Cancer. By purchasing this CD, you have joined others in making a positive impact on our children's future.

Hanna Peterson, who sings the title track "I Won't Give Up", had a dream of recording a song to express her determination as she confronts her ongoing battle against cancer. Prompted and supported by Diane Biernacki, who is a nurse at Shand's Teaching Hospital and through the donations of all those involved in this project, Hanna's dream has become a reality. Thanks to everyone who gave to this effort.

The credits say that the song "I Will Talk" has been produced by Ken Block. There is no song with that title, so I think they're referring to "I Need You Again", which is written and performed by Ken Block.

CD - USA - Stop! Children's Cancer

© 2003 Stop! Children's Cancer, Inc.
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