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Inspired Ambition is a reality television series following an up-and-coming unsigned artist, Erica Lane, attempting to break into the Christian music industry. This series highlights the struggles, rejection, and sacrifices, as well as the opportunities, victories and special moments that come into play.
Each episode features interviews of top music artists from all genres as they share their success stories, struggles, and advice for continuing on the path. Featured artists in Volume 1 consist of Family Force 5, Everlife, John Schlitt, and Fred Lynch.

EPISODE 1: "Something Old, Something New"
Choosing between reason and passion, independent artist Erica Lane makes a decision to launch her career as a full-time singer and songwriter. As she prepares for the transition, Erica is granted an interview with John Schlitt, former lead singer of Petra, as he shares his own story of hardships and successes.

EPISODE 2: "Baby Steps"
Erica Lane hits the road, starting small, touring often, and learning about new places and people. She meets with the all-sister band, Everlife, as they describe their unique journey, while former P.I.D. rapper Fred Lynch shares some struggles of his early music career.

EPISODE 3: "Life Light Festival"
The Life Light Festival welcomes Erica after she wins a national contest. She enters the next phase of competition for a potential record deal. After speaking with Family Force 5, she quickly learns of their humor and their serious side. After attending their concert, the verdict is announced, and Erica finds out who wins the contest.

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Running time, 0:30
Episode 1
Running time, 27:59
Episode 2
Running time, 27:58
Episode 3
Running time, 27:58
Kenny and Kyle Saylors
Release date
Record label
Saylors Brothers Productions

Release date
23-February-2008 (broadcast date)
27-March-2008 (according to the website; online sales weren't possible until Autumn-2008)
DVD release
US Saylors Brothers Productions (no catalogue number)
General production details
Saylors Brothers presents "Inspired Ambition"
Featuring Erica Lane, John Schlitt, Everlife, Fred Lynch, Family Force 5.
Produced by Kenny Saylors
Produced and directed by Kyle Saylors
Production details Episode 1
Cast in order of appearance: Erica Lane, Peggy Charlton, Ashley Charlton, Kevin Charlton, John Schlitt, Megan Clifton, Julie Waters, Laura McArthur, John Rugh, Israel Houghton
Production coordinator: Katrina Cook
Voice over: Geoffrey Sadowski
Director of photography: Kyle Saylors
Camera operator: Franklin Hitchcock
Editors: Franklin Hitchcock and Kyle Saylors
Music production: Erica Lane Music
Shot on location at: New Braunfels, TX, Markham, TX, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Lubbock, TX and Kansas City, MO
Additional footage courtesy of: Charlton family,
Artwork details
None given


DVD - USA - Saylors Brothers Productions

© 2008 Saylors Brothers Productions | Distributed by Kunaki, LLC
No catalogue number | Barcode: 8 42841 09478 3