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A documentary film about the Champaign-Urbana music scene, from the sixties through the oughts. Features exclusive, on-camera interviews with REO Speedwagon, Head East's John Schlitt, Adrian Belew (with a great Robert Fripp story), Slink Rand, Mark Rubel, Elsinore's Ryan Groff, Cody Sokolski, Finchley Boys' George Faber and Garrett Oostdyk, Seth Fein, Keith Harden, Terry Hawkins, Champaign Mayor Don Gerard, Larry Fredrickson, Phil Strang, Roger Francisco, Michael Husler, Ralph Senn, The Rave's Brian Cook, Bob Simpson, Larry Wigand, Jay Rosenstein, Mark Lundquist, Rocky Maffit and more. Includes exclusive and rare performance video.
00:00 General (John Schlitt featured at 6:50-7:48)
20:55 REO Speedwagon
31:00 Head East (featuring John Schlitt)
38:10 Adrian Belew
43:52 general
49:38 The Delta Kings
55:29 General (John Schlitt featured at 59:25-60:04)
62:56 The Finchley Boys
73:44 General
81:43 The Regiment
84:07 General
91:55 Slink Rand Group
97:11 General
Running time, 114:46
Release date
Record label
Parasol Label Group

Release date
DVD release
US Parasol Label Group (no catalogue number)
Production details
R.A.Z. Films presents, an August 17th production, a film by Bob Zimmerman
Kevin Cronin, Neal Doughty, Bruce Hall, Dave Amato, Bryan Hitt, John Schlitt, Adrian Belew, Roger Boyd, Mark Rubel, Ryan Groff, Garrett Oostdyk, George Faber, Slink Rand, Cody Sokolski, Matt Stewart, Keith Harden, Terry Hawkins, Roger Francisco, Phil Strang, Larry Fredrickson, Michael Husler, Don Gerard, Ralph Senn, Brian Cook, Bob Simpson, Jay Rosenstein, Larry Wigand, Mark Lundquist, Rocky Maffit, Seth Fein
Produced and directed by Bob Zimmerman
Associate producer: Brenda Zimmerman
Photographers: Arnie White, Brenda Zimmerman, Greg Cristman, Lisa Janes, Valerie Oliveiro, Robert Loerzel, Della Perrone, Kevin McQuire, Andy Mueller, Doug Pugh, Richard Galbraith, Bob Zimmerman
Edited by Bob Zimmerman
Camera operator REO at Virginia Theater: Ludo van der Hout
REO at Moondance Jam 2010: DirectTV
Artwork details
None given


DVD - USA - Parasol Label Group (no catalogue number)

© 2012 R.A.Z. Films (from the credits) | Distributed by Parasol Label Group
No catalogue number | Barcode: 8 84501 79757 3
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