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CD: Farewell (Rough Mix)

CD tracklist
01 All About Who You Know 3:27
02 Dance 4:51
03 Amazing Grace 4:57
04 Test Of Time 3:31
05 Creed 3:31
06 Right Place 4:14
07 Rock Medley: Sight Unseen, It Is Finished, Think Twice, I Am On The Rock, Midnight Oil, Mine Field, This Means War, It Is Finished (Reprise) 10:31
08 Jekyll & Hyde 3:36
09 Acoustic Set (featuring Greg X. Volz): Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows, Road to Zion, More Power To Ya, For Annie, No Doubt, The Coloring Song, Love 11:55
10 Grave Robber 5:39
11 Keyboard Solo (featuring John Lawry) 2:09
12 Beyond Belief 4:51
13 Guitar Solo (featuring Bob Hartman) 1:44
14 He Came, He Saw, He Conquered 6:00
14 tracks, 71:02
Release details
Inpop Records

This CD-R was sent out as a sort of advance release. It is just a CD-R, without any artwork. This is a rough mix of the entire Farewell album. Most of the tracks are longer than on the final product (Jekyll & Hyde is shorter and Beyond Belief is of the same length). For the final version they removed some talking.
I have no idea how many of these CD-Rs were sent out, so I'll be content with the digital tracks that I have...