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..-July-1984, JOE ENGLISH & FORERUNNER Live @ Creation Festival

DVD, 55:23
standing camera (lots of movement)

Joe English - Drums and vocals
George Cocchini - Bass
Paul Brannon - Guitar
John Lawry - Keyboards
00:00 Intro
00:22 Joe talks
00:55 First Love
05:02 Joe introduces the band
05:47 Stop
09:53 Paul talks
10:38 Learn To Celebrate
14:38 Joe talks
18:05 Midnight Angel Choir
22:30 Joe talks
24:03 Power Of Prayer (George on guitar, Paul on bass)
28:40 Keyboard solo
31:25 Let Me Praise You Again
35:00 Joe talks
36:54 To Love Is To Live (George on guitar, Paul on bass)
41:20 Joe talks
42:55 Victory (John on lead vocals)
47:00 Drum solo
49:53 Hold On (John on lead vocals, George on guitar, Paul on bass)
55:14 Joe talks