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05-December-1998, PETRA Live @ Vitoria, ES, Brazil

DVD, 96:18
semi-pro-shot, two-camera

Louie Weaver - Drums
John Schlitt - Vocals
Lonnie Chapin - Guitar
Pete Orta - Guitar
Kevin Brandow - Guitar, keys
Track 01 18:55 Brasilia, DF
00:00 Photo presentation
04:27 autograph session w/ John, Louie, Lonnie, Pete
18:03 Genesis channel show promo w/ snippets of Dance and He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
Track 02 09:35 Vitoria, ES
00:00 Intro
00:34 Dance
05:06 A Matter Of Time
08:25 John talks (w/ translation)
09:10 He Came, He Saw, He Conquered (intro)
Track 03 57:12 Vitoria, ES
00:00 St. Augustine's Pears
04:32 Hello Again
09:21 John talks and introduces the band (w/ translation)
Acoustic set (Pete on acoustic guitar, Kevin on bass, Lonnie on 12-string guitar)
12:22 The Coloring Song
13:27 Voice In The Wind
14:38 More Power To Ya
15:53 Not Of This World
18:07 Grave Robber
19:54 John talks (w/ translation)
20:40 We Need Jesus (John / Kevin on lead vocals, Kevin on acoustic guitar)
24:35 If I Had To Die For Someone (Kevin on acoustic guitar)
28:36 I Waited For The Lord (Jay Wilkerson on keys)
30:55 Ancient Of Days
34:41 I Waited For The Lord
35:50 Enter In
40:26 Beyond Belief (Remix) (Kevin on keys)
45:06 Praying Man (Kevin on keys / guitar)
48:51 God Fixation
52:47 Right Place (chorus only)
53:55 Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
56:57 John talks (w/ translation)
Track 04 10:36 Vitoria, ES
00:00 No Doubt (Pete on acoustic guitar, Kevin on bass, Lonnie on 12-string guitar)
04:32 John talks (w/ translation)

From Enter In till the end the image is very grainy and the sound is sometimes horrible.