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26-November-2005, PETRA Live @ Flekkerøy Athletic Hall, Flekkerøy, Norway

DVD, 75:44
pro-shot, multi-camera

Bob Hartman - Guitar
John Schlitt - Vocals
Greg Bailey - Bass
Paul Simmons - Drums

00:00 All About Who You Know
02:48 John talks
02:58 Dance
07:07 Amazing Grace
11:26 John talks
12:21 Creed
15:33 Judas' Kiss
19:23 Right Place
23:15 John talks
23:36 Bob talks
24:22 Sight Unseen
25:49 It Is Finished
27:08 Think Twice
28:10 I Am On The Rock
29:33 Midnight Oil
30:18 Mine Field
31:27 This Means War!
33:05 It Is Finished
34:06 Jekyll & Hyde
37:12 John talks
39:02 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows (Bob on acoustic guitar)
40:11 Road To Zion (Bob on acoustic guitar)
41:11 More Power To Ya (Bob on acoustic guitar)
42:26 For Annie (Bob on acoustic guitar)
43:52 No Doubt (Bob on acoustic guitar)
45:22 The Coloring Song (Bob on acoustic guitar)
46:27 Love (Bob on acoustic guitar)
48:30 I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N (Bob on acoustic guitar)
49:33 Paul's solo
52:55 Beyond Belief
57:12 Bob's solo
58:24 Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
61:38 Crowd cheer
62:28 He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
66:44 Bob talks
68:23 We Need Jesus (John / Greg on lead vocals)
71:22 John talks
71:36 Show Your Power
75:32 John talks

I also have a bootleg-version of this show, filmed with a hand-held camera. It's a little bit longer (77:41) but that's because it has the stage introduction.