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Compassion International presents 20 Public Service Spots

Vinyl tracklist
Side 1
A01 John Schlitt of Petra on "Financial accountability" (40 sec.)
A02 Bob Hartman of Petra on "Blessing others with our blessings" (15 sec.)
A03 Don Nalle of Glad on the song "Dare To Love" from the album "Who Do You Love" (Greentree) (20 sec.)
A04 Don Nalle of Glad on "A child from Kenya is part of our family" (25 sec.)
A05 Phil Madeira on "A letter from Manjula, our sponsored child in India" (55 sec.)
A06 Phil Madeira on "There is nothing like the love of a child" (45 sec.)
A07 Phil Madeira on the song "The Call Of The Master" from the album "Citizen Of Heaven" (Refuge) (20 sec.)
A08 Geoff Moore on "You can change the world for one needy child" (10 sec.)
A09 Geoff Moore on going "Over The Edge" from the album "The Distance" (Power Discs) (35 sec.)
A10 Geoff Moore on going "The Distance" from the album "The Distance" (Power Discs) (45 sec.)
Side 2
B01 Pete Carlson on the song "Show Me" from the album "Child Of The Heavenly" (DaySpring) (55 sec.)
B02 Sheila Walsh on "God Put A Fighter In Me" from the album "Triumph In The Air" (Sparrow) (30 sec.)
B03 Sheila Walsh on the song "What Do You Know That I Don't" from the album "Shadowlands" (Myrrh) (35 sec.)
B04 Rob Frazier on the song "This Town" from the album "This Town" (Light) (50 sec.)
B05 Rob Frazier on "In America we have millions of choices" (30 sec.)
B06 Rob Frazier on "It's The Heart That Matters" from the album "This Town" (30 sec.)
B07 Robin Crow on the song "Let The Truth Come Out" from the album "Seven Seventy-Seven" (Fortress) (50 sec.)
B08 Robin Crow on "Changing the world" (10 sec.)
B09 Bobby Michaels on the song "Seek The Blesser, Not The Blessing" from the album "I Have A Reason" (Word) (40 sec.)
B10 Bobby Michaels on "How would you like to change history?" (60 sec.)
No year (probably 1987)
Compassion International 242310 (engraved in matrix)
Produced by LaReau Anderson and Steve Rabey for Compassion International
w/ cover