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CD tracklist
01 Beat The System 4:06
02 The Rock That Makes Me Roll 4:51
03 Only Yesterday 3:43
04 He Died 3:56
05 Too Late For Living 4:05
06 Lost Soldier 3:46
07 Ark Of Suffering 4:28
08 Weapons Of Our Warfare 4:20
09 Out Of Love 3:19
10 Psychedelic Super Jesus 3:59
11 Without Your Love 3:54
12 No Time To Run 3:41
13 Eye Of The Hurricane 4:30
14 Long Live The King 5:19
15 Web Of Fire 4:49
16 Boanerges 5:27
17 Everlasting Life 4:14
17 tracks, 72:27
Release date
Record label
Roxx Records

Release date
CD release
US Roxx Records RRCD-DY01
01 Beat The System
Words and music: Bob Hartman
Originally performed by Petra
02 The Rock That Makes Me Roll
Words and music: Michael H. Sweet
Originally performed by Stryper
03 Only Yesterday
Words and music: Joshua Perahia
Originally performed by Joshua
04 He Died
Words and music: Rey Parra, Bruce Swift, Rick Macias, Steve Watkins and Tony Velasquez
Originally performed by Sacred Warrior
05 Too Late For Living
Words and music: Josh Kramer and Richard Lynch
Originally performed by Saint
06 Lost Soldier
Words and music: John Christianson, George Ochoa, Vett Roberts, Ronson Webster and Eddie Starline
Originally performed by Recon
07 Ark Of Suffering
Words and music: Ted Kirkpatrick
Originally performed by Tourniquet
08 Weapons Of Our Warfare
Words and music: George Ochoa and Jimmy P. Brown II
Originally performed by Deliverance
09 Out Of Love
Words and music: Les Carlsen and Paul Jackson
Originally performed by Bloodgood
10 Psychedelic Super Jesus
Words and music: Troy Thompson, Dale Thompson and Jerry McBroom
Originally performed by Bride
11 Without Your Love
Words and music: Scott Wenzel
Originally performed by Whitecross
12 No Time To Run
Words and music: Michael Drive
Originally performed by Barren Cross
13 Eye Of The Hurricane
Words and music: Chris Impellitteri and Rob Rock
Originally performed by Impellitteri
14 Long Live The King
Words and music: Carl Johan Grimmark and Christian Liljegren
Originally performed by Narnia
15 Web Of Fire
Words and music: Steve Row and Jeff Lewis
Originally performed by Mortification
16 Boanerges
Words and music: Hernán Fortuna
Originally performed by Boanerges
17 Everlasting Life
Words and music: César Martins and Nahor Andrade
Dynasty Of Metal
Nahor Andrade - Vocals and backing vocals
César Martins - Guitars and backing vocals
Filipe Otávio - Guitars and backing vocals
Tiago Sieg - Bass
Guest musicians
Gustavo Paiva - Keyboards
Tiago Vitek - Drums
Production details
Recorded between February 2020 and October 2022, at Estúdio Hertz, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Produced by André Mendonça and Leo Turbo
Artwork details
Cover art and concept: Dynasty and Design S/A (Midjourney and Stable Diffusion)
Photography: Nathalia Guimarães