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CD tracklist
01 It's My Time 2:50
02 Tell Me What To Do 4:44
03 One More Kiss 3:54
04 Please Don't Go 3:43
05 T'Aint Nobody's Business 4:00
06 You're Spoiling Me 3:27
07 Get Out And Get Gone 3:36
08 Springtime 3:43
09 Gimme Some Sugar 3:26
10 Time Is Standing Still 3:04
11 I'm Shooting High 3:22
12 Allow Me 3:47
12 tracks, 44:06
Jesse Stone, George Atwell and Michael Atwell
Release date
Record label
Atlantic Recording Corporation

Release date
CD release
US Atlantic Recording Corporation 7 82160-2
01 It's My Time
Words and music: Jesse Stone
02 Tell Me What To Do
Words and music: Jesse Stone
03 One More Kiss
Words and music: Jesse Stone
04 Please Don't Go
Words and music: Jesse Stone
05 T'Aint Nobody's Business
Words and music: Robert Graham Prince, Clarence Williams and Porter Granger
06 You're Spoiling Me
Words and music: Jesse Stone
07 Get Out And Get Gone
Words and music: Jesse Stone
08 Springtime
Words and music: Jesse Stone
09 Gimme Some Sugar
Words and music: Jesse Stone
10 Time Is Standing Still
Words and music: Jesse Stone
11 I'm Shooting High
Words and music: Ted Koehler and Jimmy McHugh
12 Allow Me
Words and music: Jesse Stone
Evelyn McGee Stone - Lead vocals
Gary Marcus - Piano
William Tell Pinner III - Drums
Jesse Stone - Keyboards
Chris Cortez - Guitars
Michael Atwell - Bass, drums, keyboards
Joel Baun - Guitars
Eddie Marshall - Sax and flute
Herb Vaughn - Horn and sax
Rusty Springfield - Bass
Bruce Stalens - Trumpet
George Atwell - Keyboards
Larry Williams - Trumpet
John Depoala - Trumpet
Vic Bird - Trombone
Background vocals
Greg X. Volz, Teresa Atwell, Randy Nichols, Sarah Moore, Amy Martin
Production details
Produced by Jesse Stone, Michael Atwell and George Atwell
Arranged by Jesse Stone and George Atwell
Studios: Century III Studios, Starke Lake Studios and Rare Form Studios
Engineered by Robert Knox and Dan Beach
Artwork details
Graphic design: Julio Lima
Background design: Jon Pickard
Photography: Patti Bose

In early childhood Evelyn McGee was a gifted and talented singer constantly being requested to sing at every important social event that took place in her home town of Anderson, South Carolinaa. At the age of nineteen she was invited to join the International Sweethearts of Rhythm as their featured vocalist. The International Sweethearts of Rhythm became the greatest all-female jazz dance band of its time. The Sweethearts were true headliners, topping bills that featured other singers such as Lena Horne and Billie Holiday. Evelyn sang before audiences across America and Europe with the sweethearts breaking attendance records wherever they performed.

Nearly five decades after her career began, McGee Stone's voice is as strong as ever; riding rhythms effortlessly and floating through emotions sweet, sad and sexy... Even younger fans today are rediscovering the rhythmic sophistication and lyrical shine of postwar, prerock rhythm 'n blues and jazz. It's My Time links the styles of those years with the touch of the 80's, through the voice of a woman who has lived through it all. - Thom Duffy, Billboard Magazine

Jesse Stone, Evelyn McGee's husband, is a legend in his own right. Jesse co-produced It's My Time and wrote 10 of the album's songs. Jesse has seen the music industry from every aspect, for over eight decades. Throughout the 20's, 30's and 40's Jesse was a well known jazz composer, arranger and band leader, with tunes such as the classic "Idaho" to his credit. In the late 40's and early 50's Jesse was a significant contributor to the birth and history of Rock 'n Roll. He was involved with Atlantic Records in the very beginning. Jesse (a/k/a Charles Calhoun) wrote such hits as "Shake, Rattle & Roll", "Razzle Dazzle", "Money Honey", "Smack Dab In The Middle", and "Don't Let Go". He industriously cultivated the artists and sounds of that remarkable era of early Rock 'n Roll. Jesse Stone has been an unparalleled creative force, shaping the music of our century. With this new album it is evident that Jesse's creative vision remains as clear and sharp as ever.

CD - USA - Atlantic Recording Corporation 7 82160-2

Atlantic Recording Corporation, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10019 | A Time Warner Company | (p) © 1990 Atlantic Recording Corporation | Printed in U.S.A.
7 82160-2 | Barcode: 0 7567-82190-2 2