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Fire By Nite #34: Face The Music

Kim Boyce and Blaine Bartel answer your questions about Christian rock music in this special FIRE BY NITE taped in Nashville, Tennessee. Featuring her hit videos Celebrate and He's Not For Me, Kim expores the roots of Christian rock and takes Blaine on a tour of Nashville's Christian music hot-spots, including the Dove Awards!

If you want fun, music, and a crazy-good time, then you want FIRE BY NITE - entertainment with a message for tomorrow's generation! Each fast-paced video is full of interviews and music videos from your favorite contemporary Christian music artists. Also featured is everybody's favorite family in the ongoing sitcom, Family First. Other zany and wild skits include Ranger Bob, Muskogee Vice and many more!

Let's Face The Music featuring Kim Boyce
00:00 Program
15:37 Bob Hartman talks about his favourite music
15:40 Program continues
57:59 Short clip of the First Love video
58:14 Bob Hartman talks about ministry vs. entertainment
59:10 Program continues
Running time: 68:40
Infinity Video VWG-035, ISBN 0-89274-715-3
Executive producers: Willie George and Blaine Bartel
Produced and directed by Stephen Yake
Associate producer: Chris Theis
Engineering: Keith Richardson
Audio: Kelly Ward
Production assistants: Kelly Ward, Chris Theis, Brian Mead, Brad Davis and Monte Seaborn
Written by Blaine Bartel, Chris Theis, John and Viccijo Witty and Stephen Yake
Original music score: Brett Teegarden
Fire By Nite theme written by Todd Homme

VHS - USA - Infinity Video VWG-035 / ISBN 0-89274-715-3

No year indicated | Infinity Video, P.O. Box 55388, Tulsa, OK 74155 | Label: Infinity Video, P.O. Box 35035, Tulsa, OK 74153
VWG-035 / ISBN 0-89274-715-3 | No barcode