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Fire By Nite #68: Sex, Love And Dating

Fire By Nite takes you on an unprecedented journey into an unexplored frontier of Christian video that captivates and entertains as it teaches young people solid Christian character and values.

Each ecletic episode features the outrageous comic antics of an entire cast of funny human beings. We talk with your favorite Christian artists and show their newest music videos. Every program is highlighted by an episode of "Friends", the drama that demonstrates intense Christianity in a teen-age world.

Each tape includes all this and much more, centered around a single theme. And yes... host and nationally-known youth communicator, Blaine Bartel ties the whole program together with inspiring teaching that hits you right where you live.

Sex, Love And Dating with guests Josh McDowell and PETRA
00:00 Program
02:50 Interview announcement
03:00 Program
05:07 Interview with Bob Hartman and John Schlitt
08:42 Love Video
12:50 Program
Running time: 60:31
Willie George Ministries 03-618 VHS
Executive producer: Willie George
Producer: Blaine Bartel
Directed and edited by Eric J. Smith
Assistant producers: Tony Leech, Vickijo Witty
Director of television: Keith Richardson
Audio: Kelly Ward
Camera operators: Dwight Darden, Tom Doerner, David Desmond, Tony Leech, Monte Seaborn
Engineering: Keith Richardson
Writers: Blaine Bartel, Vickijo Witty, Tony Leech, Lee Wilson, Eric J. Smith
Production secretary: Sylvia Avalos
Production assistants: Sally Gubser, Stephnie Smith
Mr. Excitement: Lee Wilson
Lighting: Monte Seaborn
House audio: Jeff Cremeen
The Fire By Nite band: Joey Smith (guitar), Mike Dinsmore (bass), Marcos C. Cruz (keyboards), Billy Estes (drums)
Petra appears courtesy of Word Records
Original music score: Joey Smith, Ken Booth
Fire By Nite theme written by Todd Homme
"Friends" theme written and performed by Kenny Marks

VHS - USA - Willie George Ministries 03-618 VHS

© 1992 Willie George Ministries, P.O. Box 639, Broken Arrow, OK 74013-0639
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