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FORERUNNER - (a.k.a.)

Vinyl tracklist
Side 1
A01 Jesus Is Saviour 3:39
A02 Faith Walk 4:04
A03 Hard Times 3:47
A04 Victory 3:57
Side 2
B01 Nowhere To Run 2:55
B02 River Of Life 4:41
B03 Hold On 3:15
B04 Words Of The Wise 4:00
B05 ALBOLA (A Little Bit Of L.A.) 3:42 *
9 tracks
Paul Brannon, George Cocchini and John Lawry
* Tim Smith
Release date
Record label
Refuge Records

Release date
Vinyl release
Refuge Records RO3864
A01 Jesus Is Saviour
Words: James Isaac Elliott and John Lawry
Music: John Lawry
A02 Faith Walk
Words: Phil Elliott, James Isaac Elliott and John Lawry
Music: Phil Elliott and John Lawry
A03 Hard Times
Words: Fred Lewis
Music: Paul Brannon
A04 Victory
Words: James Isaac Elliott
Music: John Lawry
B01 Nowhere To Run
Words: James Isaac Elliot
Music: George Cocchini
B02 River Of Life
Music: Paul Brannon
B03 Hold On
Words and music: John Lawry
B04 Words Of The Wise
Words: Tom Douglas
Music: George Cocchini
B05 ALBOLA (A Little Bit Of L.A.)
Music: Tim Smith and Roddy Smith
George Cocchini
Paul Brannon
John Lawry
Tim Smith - Bass on "Jesus Is Saviour", "Hard Times", "Nowhere To Run", "River Of Life", "Hold On", "Words Of The Wise" and "ALBOLA"
Joe English - Drums on "Jesus Is Saviour", "Victory", "Hold On" and "Words Of The Wise"
John Lawry - Keyboards on "Jesus Is Saviour", "Faith Walk", "Hard Times", "Victory", "Nowhere To Run", "River Of Life", "Hold On" "Words Of The Wise" and "ALBOLA"
John Lawry - Lead vocal on "Jesus Is Saviour", "Faith Walk", "Victory" and "Hold On"
Paul Brannon - Guitars on "Jesus Is Saviour", "Hard Times", "Victory" and "River Of Life"
Paul Brannon - Bass on "Faith Walk"
Paul Brannon - Lead vocal on "Hard Times"
Drumulator - Drums on "Faith Walk"
George Cocchini - Guitars on "Faith Walk", "Nowhere To Run", "Hold On", "Words Of The Wise" and "ALBOLA"
George Cocchini - Code-a-phone beeper on "Faith Walk"
George cocchini - Bass on "Victory"
George Cocchini - Lead and harmony vocals on "Nowhere To Run"
George Cocchini - Lead vocal on "Words Of The Wise"
Mike Feller - Drums on "Hard Times", "River Of Life" and "ALBOLA"
Mark Hammond - Simmons drums on "Nowhere To Run"
Sam Levine - Saxophone on "Hold On"
Doug Moffett - Saxophone on "ALBOLA"
Jay Coble - Trumpet on "ALBOLA"
Background vocals
Lisa Tucker, Angie Innis, Dave Spear, Mark Helstein, Brenda Brannon, Lisa Bevil, Ned Wimmer, Paul Brannon on "Jesus Is Saviour"
Gary Pigg, Tom Flora and Lisa Bevil on "Faith Walk", "Hard Times", "Victory" and "Hold On"
Phil Elliott on "Hold On"
Lisa Bevil and George Cocchini on "Words Of The Wise"
Production details
Executive producer: Ray Nenow
Produced by Paul Brannon, George Cocchini and John Lawry of Forerunner, with the exception of "ALBOLA", produced by Tim Smith
Track, vocal and other arrangements: Forerunner
Engineered by Chris McCollum
Mastered by Hank Williams, Master Mix, Nashville, TN
Recorded at Great Circle Sound, Nashville, TN
Artwork details
Album design: Bill Brunt, Private Eye Studios
Photography: Mark Tucker

LP - USA - Refuge Records RO3864

© (p) 1984 Refuge Records | Distributed in the U.S. by The Benson Company, Inc., 365 Great Circle Drive, Nashville, TN 37228 | Canada/Lawson Falle, Box 1144, Cambridge (Galt), Ontario, Canada | Europe/Pila Music GMBTT, Postfach 1130 D-7035, Waldenbuch, West Germany | South Africa/Revelation Recordings, P.O. Box 32414, Braamfontein 2017, South Africa | Scandinavia/Leon Music A.B., Box 14, 16393 Stockholm, Sweden | United Kingdom/Window Records Ltd., 30 Winchester Road, Alton, Hampshire, England | Label: Refuge Record Company
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