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01 Of Spirit And Power
02 Shattered Gods
03 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
04 Lord Of Darkness
Running time, xx:xx
The live footage of this DVD was shot a dark night March 17th, 2006 on a camcorder in Omaha.
The release history of this DVD is not entirely clear to me. The original DVD release might have happened in 2006, while a 2nd release on Unblack Metal Scene was made available as a limited edition of either 50 or 100 copies in 2011. The pictured version is the 3rd release of this DVD in 2017 on Nosral Recordings.
The DVD lists "Rose Colored Stain Glass Windows", but it should be "Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows".
Release date
Record label
Unblack Metal Scene / Nostral Recordings

Release date
2006 / 2011 / October-2017
DVDr release
US Not On Label (Frost Like Ashes Self-released) - original edition (2006?)
US Unblack Metal Scene - second limited edition (2011)
US Nosral Recordings - third edition (2017)
Production details
None given
Artwork details
None given

DVDr - USA - Nostral Recordings [no cat#]

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