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Greg X. Volz - Live In Concert


Apparently this video has been released by River Records. It was probably recorded in 1989 or 1990 by Dave Adams. I have no idea what the tracklist is and if this was a widespread release.
Recently I spoke to Greg X. Volz about this release and he told me he had never heard of this. The first source I have is the internet-page of producer Dave Adams who claims that he was a director for "Live In Concert" by Greg X. Voltz (sic!). He is probably referring to the music videos that were released on "On Bended Knees". The other source I have is a Dutch gospel encyclopaedia from 1996. I need to track down the writer of this article to verify the information he gave. But as it is right now, I don't think this video was ever released (even though I do have a product code that is supposed to belong to this item: 890-1300-001).

self-produced ??