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01 What Then
Words: Dave Eden (adapted from the poem by J. Whitfield)
Additional words: Greg X. Volz
Music: Dave Eden and Greg X. Volz

The question I have is,
"What really is going to happen?"
When the great Book is opened and
Each one stands facing his record
What then?
What then?

When the great factories of our cities
Have turned our their last finished work
When the merchants have sold their last yard of goods
And fired the last tired clerk
When our banks have raked in their last dollar
And paid the last dividend
When the Judge of the earth says, "Closed for the night"
And asks for the balance
What then?
What then?

When the choir has sung its last anthem
And the preacher has made his last prayer
When the people have heard their last sermon
And the sound of it has died out on the air
When the Bible lies closed on the altar
And the pews are all empty of men
And the trumpet of the ages is silent
And the great Book is opened
What then?
Can you tell me
What then?

And when life seems so absurd
There's still a word that can be heard
Just be still and know
And then

When the actors have played their last drama
And the mimic has made his last fun
When the film has flashed its last picture
And the billboard displayed its last run
When the crowds seeking pleasure have all vanished
And gone out in the darkness again
When the trumpet of the ages is sounding
And the great Book is opened
What then?
What then?

Can you tell me - What then?
I'm asking - What then?
What's gonna happen? - What then?
When the great Book is open - What then?
And we stand before Him - What then?
And we're asked for a reason - What then?
And the trumpet of the ages is sounding
What then?
02 Set Up (To Take A Fall)
Words and music: Mike Schmitz

You've been holding yourself hostage
For something you cannot atone
Though you know that everyone has failed
You still feel all alone
You run for cover every time
Anybody starts to speak
They told you you were fireproof
But your armor sprang a leak
I don't deny you made a mess of things
But there's trouble everywhere
It's the ancient law that bound your fate
You were blinded by the glare

You were set up - set up to take a fall
Didn't see that you bought it all
Someone found your fatal flaw
You were set up to take a fall

Now if you pull that trigger
Or wolf down all those pills
You'll find that what you didn't know
Doesn't only hurt, it kills
But you're still alive, you can still learn
It's never too late for your soul
They cast you in a losing shape
But you still can break that mold
Like a thousand tons of stone on you
About to wipe you out
But if you'll fall upon that rock
You'll find what freedom's all about

You were entranced
Romanced, never had a chance
They came in on your blind side
Been hearing the same old lies
Since the day that you were born
But you can get smart, new start
Regenerate your heart
With the Power that has made you
And you won't fall in the same trap
Now that you've been warned

You were set up - set up to take a fall
Someone trying to make you crawl
Oh, your chances seem so small
You were set up - you were set up to take a fall
03 Man Overboard
Words and music: Mike Schmitz

I'm sure that you remember him
He used to come around here a lot
He never wanted much attention
But he could hear the things we taught
He's got a lot of trouble at home
And I've been trying to give him a hand
And lately he's been slipping deeper
And I don't know how long he'll stand
Somebody help me

There's a man overboard
Sinking in the turning tide
There's a man overboard
And I don't know what sent him over the side
But there isn't much time

I know it's easy to shake your head
Say, "Too bad" and walk away
I've done it far too many times myself
When I couldn't find a thing to say
But this is my brother, this is my friend
I love him more than I can tell
And I can't bail him out all by myself and
I won't watch him go to hell
Somebody help me

Why are we here?
Why do we live?
How can we take
More than we give?
04 In The Course Of Time
Words and music: Mike Schmitz

Secrets born in unknown lands
Currents that struggle to get
From your mind to your hands
Crossings heaving into view
Nobody rides through
The raging waters but you
Harder rains are gonna fall
Fog stands before you solid as a wall
All these mountains left to climb
But it's all, all in the course of time

Yes, there's fire on the trail
Long weary days and bread
That has long gone stale
But gifts you forfeit in the night
Reappear, purified
In the gathering of the light
Lies have crept into your ears
Soon as you know (soon as you know)
Knowledge disappears
Pain and wounds to heal the crime
And it's all, all in the course of time

Lightening stabs into my sight
I'm lit like a wick
And ripped like a storm blown kite
Danger just heightens what I feel
I reach out with my Sistine finger
To touch the wheel
Clouds no longer on my eyes
Fear is no jury when the heart retries
Every point to be aligned
And it's all, all in the course of time
05 Marching On (Come With Praise)
Words and music: Dale Garrat
Additional words: Greg X. Volz

He's our deliverer
He has come and set His people free

As we come with praise before His majesty
We celebrate with joy and victory
For the Lord has come and set His people free
We are marching on with Him
He's our deliverer

The two-edged sword is sharpened in our hand
We come with vengeance to possess our land
We bind the kings because of God's right hand
And carry out the sentence that our God has planned

We are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb
We rule the nations by His command
We bind the kings because of God's right hand
We are marching on
We are marching with Him
06 Freedom Train
Words and music: Lowell Alexander and Gary Lunn

There's a locomotion
Running around the earth
It's headed for the limits
Of the universe
Picking up the sinful stuff
For the price of faith
Moving fast down mercies tracks
Changing lives along the way

All aboard at the station
Run for the Freedom Train
If you wanna ride this rail
To salvation
Reserve a seat in heaven's name
Come climb aboard
The Freedom Train

There's an engine pulling
Because of love and hope
It's stopping for the weary
All around the globe
Anyone can ride this line
If hearts can hear the sound
When there's faith
The Freedom Train
Will be running into town

Come on aboard
You can't afford
To miss this train
Do you wanna ride?
07 The Exodus (The Song Of Moses)
Words and Music: B. C. Pulkingham

The Lord is my strength and song
He is become my salvation
He is my God
And I will prepare Him an habitation
My Father's God and I will exalt Him

He hath triumphed gloriously
I will sing unto the Lord
He hath triumphed gloriously
The horse and his rider
Hath He thrown into the sea

The Lord is a man of war
The Lord is His name
Pharaoh's chariots and his hosts
Hath he cast
Hath he cast into the sea

Thy right hand, oh Lord
Is become glorious in power
Thy right hand, oh Lord
Hath dashed into pieces
The enemy

Who is like unto Thee
Oh Lord among the gods
Who is like Thee
Glorious in holiness
Fearful in praises
Doing wonders?
08 On Bended Knees
Words and music: Jonathan David Brown

When I first met the Savior
I was blind to all my sin
Letting part of it go had kept me satisfied
But I didn't think a Christian
Could wind up in this place
Now I'm sure I'm one of those
For whom You died
Wash away all that remains
Once and for all remove the stains
Of the sins that had been steeped
Below the surface of my veins

What a wondrous thing You do, Lord
When I fall on my knees
How the mercy follows through, Lord
When I fall on my knees
Till there's nothing left but You, Lord
When I fall on my knees
I will please Your heart on bended knees
On bended knees

Though the world can have its heyday
Pointing fingers at Your kids
Let us not return the evil that they pay
For You have chosen people
Who are flawed in many ways
Who will demonstrate Your love in action
Not in words they say
Wipe away all of our tears
Once and for all remove the fears
Of the children You have raised
In the midst of mocking peers

I come to You on bended knees
To humbly seek Your face
Repenting now, I long to bear
The fruit of righteousness
09 Come To Me
Words and music: Mike Schmitz

I see the bruises
When you fall on your face
I feel the aching
When you suffer disgrace
I know the pressure
Of a world weary heart
Running on empty
And refusing to start

I saw you sitting
Staring out at the rain
Thinking that you
Didn't have money again
I know you're hungry and
You're missing your friends
Don't know where to go

Come to Me, come to Me
All you that hurt
And carry heavy loads
Come to Me, come to Me
And you can lay down
Your head for awhile

I heard you crying
When your daddy ran out
I felt you pulling back
From Me in your doubt
I know sometimes you
Think of jerking the plug
Don't know where to go

I saw the things
That you did that you
Never got the credit for
I saw the effort
That you made when they
Had already shut the door
I burned with you inside
When the criminals walked away
I, too, see justice castrated by the law
But you can find justice in Me
10 Standin'
Words: Mike Schmitz
Music: Mike Schmitz and Greg X. Volz

You know I hear what you're saying to me
But my heart's saying something else
I never liked what I found myself in
When I didn't go with what I felt
A little this, a little that
What can it hurt after all
Still I know that you reap what you sow
And I've heard all this before
Where have I heard all this?

Standin', standin'
Looking at a line so fine
Standin', standin'
Praying that I'm on the right side
Praying that I'm on the right side
Well, I'm praying

With all the shades and the shadows of gray
It's hard to find a black and white
When you look back, what you needed to see
Is no longer hidden from your sight
You take it on the chin and you tell yourself
Something better's on the way
When you start to relax, then you realize
The better is the enemy of the best
What you thought was so perfect is just a test
And you're

The only way to sort it out
Is to cling to the Word
To stand on the Word of God
That won't let you fall

Standin', standin'
I can see a line so fine
Standin', standin'
Finding I can trust like a child