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Vinyl / cassette tracklist
Side 1
01 Gettin' Lucky 4:03
02 Back In My Own Hands 3:55
03 Show Me I'm Alive 3:46
04 Take It On Home 3:47
05 Dancer Road 4:10
Side 2
01 Don't Let Me Sleep In The Morning 5:59
02 Sands Of Time 4:13
03 Call To Arms And Legs 3:19
04 Time Has A Way 2:15
05 Every Little Bit Of My Heart 5:39
10 tracks, 41:47
8-track programs
Program 1
01 Gettin' Lucky
02 Back In My Own Hands
03 Time Has A Way
Program 2
01 Dancer Road
02 Don't Let Me Sleep In The Morning
Program 3
01 Show Me I'm Alive
02 Take It On Home
03 Call To Arms And Legs
Program 4
01 Sands Of Time
02 Every Little Bit Of My Heart
10 tracks
Richard Podolor
Release date
Record label
A&M Records

Release date
Vinyl release
US A&M Records SP-4624
UK A&M Records AMLH
8-track release
US A&M Records 8T-4624
Cassette release
US A&M Records CS-4624
A01 Gettin' Lucky
Words: Steve Huston
Music: Steve Huston and Mike Somerville
A02 Back In My Own Hands
Words: Dan Birney
Music: Dan Birney and Mike Somerville
A03 Show Me I'm Alive
Words and music: Dan Birney
A04 Take It On Home
Words and music: Steve Huston
A05 Dancer Road
Words and music: Dan Birney
B01 Don't Let Me Sleep In The Morning
Words and music: Mike Somerville
B02 Sands Of Time
Words and music: Roger Boyd
B03 Call To Arms And Legs
Words: Larry Boyd
Music: Steve Huston
B04 Time Has A Way
Words and music: Steve Huston
B05 Every Little Bit Of My Heart
Words: Roger Boyd and John Schlitt
Music: Roger Boyd
All songs published by Almo Music Corp. and Zuckschank Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
UK: All songs published by Rondor Music (LDN) Limited
Head East
Roger Boyd - Organs, pianos, moog, mellotron, ARP string synthesizer, trumpet and melodica
Dan Birney - Bass guitar
Steve Huston - Drums, percussion, lead and background vocals
Mike Somerville - Acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, background vocals and bass on "Gettin' Lucky"
John Schlitt - Lead and background vocals
Additional musicians
Richard Podolor - Electric guitar on "Gettin' Lucky", string arrangements on "Show Me I'm Alive" and acoustic lead guitar on "Time Has A Way"
Production details
Produced by Richard Podolor
Recorded at American Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by Billy Cooper
Mastered at the Mastering Lab by Mike Reese
Management: Irv Zuckerman and Steve Schankman - Artistic Vision
Road manager: Kurt Johnson
Sound: Lenny Hortter
Crew: Larry Boyd and Stan Gill
Artwork details
None given

LP - USA - A&M Records SP-4624

(p) 1977 A&M Records, Inc. P.O. Box 782, Beverly Hills, CA 90213 | Printed in U.S.A.
SP-4624 | Labels: SP-4624/Stereo (SP-4985) b/w SP-4624/Stereo (SP-4986) | No barcode
Matrix: T2 TML-M SP4985-T3 b/w T1 SP4986T2 TML-S



LP - UK - A&M Records AMLH 64624

(p) 1977 A&M Records, Inc. | A&M Records Limited | Label: Original sound recording made by A & M Records, Inc. | A & M Records Ltd. are the exclusive licensees for the UK
AMLH 64624 | Labels: AMLH 64624-A b/w AMLH 64624-B | No barcode
Matrix: TML-S SP-4985 | AMLH-64624-A2 b/w SP4986 TML-S | AMLH-64624-B-2
Golden sticker on the front of the cover: DEMONSTRATION COPY | NOT FOR SALE