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Vinyl / cassette tracklist
Side 1
01 Open Up The Door 4:39
02 Man I Wanna Be 3:46
03 Nothing To Lose 3:14
04 Since You Been Gone 3:00
05 Pictures 3:28
Side 2
01 Get Up & Enjoy Yourself 4:46
02 I'm Feelin' Fine 4:00
03 Dance Away Lover 4:44
04 Elijah 5:41
9 tracks, 37:12
8-track programs
Program 1
01 Open Up The Door
02 Get Up & Enjoy Yourself
Program 2
01 Man I Wanna Be
02 Nothing To Lose
03 Dance Away Lover (Part 1)
Program 3
01 Dance Away Lover (Part 2)
02 Since You Been Gone
03 I'm Feelin' Fine
Program 4
01 Pictures
02 Elijah
9 tracks
Jeffrey Lesser
Release date
Record label
A&M Records

Release date
Vinyl release
US A&M Records SP-4680
UK A&M Records
SA A&M Records
8-track release
US A&M Records 8T-4680
Cassette release
US A&M Records CS-4680
A01 Open Up The Door
Words and music: Steven Huston
A02 Man I Wanna Be
Words and music: Mike Somerville
A03 Nothing To Lose
Words and music: Dan Birney
A04 Since You Been Gone
Words and music: Russ Ballard
A05 Pictures
Words and music: Steven Huston
B01 Get Up And Enjoy Yourself
Words and music: John Schlitt
B02 I'm Feelin' Fine
Words and music: Roger Boyd
B03 Dance Away Lover
Words and music: John Schlitt
B04 Elijah
Words and music: Charles Sabatino
All selection published by Almo Music Corp. / Zuckschank Music, Inc. (ASCAP) except "Since You Been Gone" published by Island Music (BMI)
UK: All songs published by Rondor Music (London) Ltd., except "Since You Been Gone" published by Island Music Ltd.
SA: All songs published by Essex / Zuckschank (Direct), except "Since You Been Gone" published by M.P.A.
Head East
Roger Boyd - Keyboards, background vocals
Steve Huston - Drums, background vocals
Mike Somerville - Guitar, background vocals
John Schlitt - Lead and background vocals
Dan Birney - Bass guitar, background vocals
Production details
Produced by Jeffrey Lesser
A Via Sound Production
Recorded and mixed at the Record Plant, Los Angeles, January, 1978
Engineered and mixed by Jeffrey Lesser
Associate engineers: Michael Braunstein and Mike Beiriger
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at A&M Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA, using the Aphex Aural Exiter
Management: Artistic Vision - Steve Shankman & Irv Zuckerman
Road manager: Larry Boyd
Sound: Lenny Hortter
Lighting: Kurt Johnson
Stage: Stanley Gill
Special thanks to the Kiel Auditorium fans for their participation on "Get Up & Enjoy Yourself"
Special thanks to Jordan Harris, Mark Spector, Dick Richmond, Bill Schulenberg, Judy Goodall, and the staff at AVL, and the entire Record Plant family
Artwork details
Art direction: Roland Young
Design: Michael Fink / Rod Dyer Inc.

LP - USA - A&M Records SP-4680

© 1978 A&M Records, Inc. P.O. Box 782, Beverly Hills, CA 90213
SP-4680 | Labels: SP-4680/Stereo (SP-5097) b/w SP-4680/Stereo (SP-5098) | No barcode
Matrix: T1 A&M SP5097-T2 b/w T1 A&M SP5098(RE-1)-T1


LP - UK - A&M Records AMLH 64680

(p) 1978 A&M Records Limited | Label: Original sound recording made by A & M Records, Inc. | A & M Records Ltd. are the exclusive licensees for the UK
AMLH 64680 | Labels: AMLH 64680-A b/w AMLH 64680-B | No barcode
Matrix: A&M SP5097-M3 INT | Δ23028 | AMLH 64680-A1 b/w A&M SP5098-M3(RE-1) INT | Δ23028-X | AMLH 64680-B1
Golden sticker on the front of the cover: DEMONSTRATION COPY | NOT FOR SALE


LP - The Netherlands - A&M Records AMLH 64680

© 1978 A&M Records, Inc. | Distributed by CBS Records | Printed in Holland
AMLH 64680 / SP 4680 / LC0485 | Labels: AMLH 64680-A / SP 5097 b/w AMLH 64680-B / SP 5098 | No barcode


LP - South Africa - A&M Records AMLS 64680

© 1978 A&M Records, Inc. | Licensed to and distributed by RPM Record Co. (Pty.) Ltd under authorization of A&M Records | Interpak
AMLS 64680 | No barcode
Matrix: AMLS 64680 A b/w AMLS 64680 B