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00:00 Intro
00:52 Roll Over Beethoven
06:17 Darren Walker interview
06:37 Eddy Jones interview
06:53 Tony Gross
07:10 Raise A Little Hill
11:47 Roger Boyd interview
12:19 Darren Walker interview
13:10 Roger Boyd interview
13:15 Say Yeah
15:43 Darren Walker interview
16:15 Say Yeah continues
17:10 Greg Manahan interview
17:34 Roger Boyd interview
18:16 Darren Walker interview
18:35 One Night
20:21 Eddy Jones interview
21:01 One Night continues
21:24 Greg Manahan interview
21:44 Prisoner
23:40 Prisoner Official Music Video
25:14 Prisoner continues
25:32 Greg Manahan interview
26:00 Prisoner continues
26:38 Steve Huston interview
27:19 Roger Boyd interview
27:43 Roger Boyd introducing original Head East
29:24 Jefftown Creek (with John Schlitt, Steve Huston, Larry Boyd)
33:19 Eddy Jones interview
33:41 Steve Huston interview
33:47 Jefftown Creek continues
34:58 Steve Huston interview
35:17 John Schlitt interview
35:51 Larry Boyd interview
36:41 Roger Boyd interview
37:32 Love Me Tonight (with John Schlitt, Steve Huston, Larry Boyd) continues
37:45 Darren Walker interview
38:15 Eddy Jones interview
38:38 Love Me Tonight continues
39:13 John Schlitt interview
39:40 Roger Boyd interview
40:16 John Schlitt interview
40:29 Since You Been Gone (with John Schlitt, Steve Huston, Larry Boyd)
41:27 Roger Boyd interview
42:11 Since You Been Gone continues
42:19 Greg Manahan interview
42:33 Ticket Back To Georgia
45:31 Steve Huston interview
45:58 Roger Boyd interview
46:25 Ticket Back To Georgia continues
47:03 Steve Huston interview
47:34 Never Been Any Reason
52:15 Roger Boyd interview
52:53 Never Been Any Reason continues
53:34 Roger Boyd interview
53:55 Steve Huston interview
54:33 Take My Hand (with Tony Gross, John Schlitt)
54:46 Tony Gross interview
55:28 Take My Hand continues
55:38 Roger Boyd interview
56:34 Take My Hand continues
Running time, 59:31
Head East performed with the Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra of Southern Illinois University Carbondale at the Shryock Auditorium, Carbondale, IL on 29-January-2015. The show was part of "Rockin' the Symphony", a 13-concert series featuring a symphony backing a musical artist prominent in the 1970s and 1980s. The Head East show featured several guests from the band's history, including John Schlitt.
The DVD doesn't have a menu and no proper track divisions. There are generic divisions for skipping through the DVD every three minutes.
Release date
Record label
Not On Label

Release date
DVDr release
US Not On Label (Head East Self-released)
Head East
Roger Boyd - Keyboards and vocals
Steve Huston - Vocals
John Schlitt - Vocals
Darren Walker - Lead Vocals
Greg Manaham - Vocals and bass
Glen Bridger - Vocals and lead guitar
Eddy Jones - Vocals and Drums
Larry Boyd - Bass
Tony Gross - Guitar
Stanley Gill - Saxophone
Ben Bollero - Electric violin, Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra
Production details
Maestro Edward Benyas, music director
Abby Simoneau, orchestral arrangements
Edited by Alan Traylor, Pelican Productions, Baton Rouge, LA
Head East videos filmed in New Orleans, LA by by Michael Campbell, Soup Factory, Baton Rouge, LA
Artwork details
None given

DVDr - USA - Not On Label (Head East Self-released)

First Edition April 2019
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