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Vinyl tracklist
Side 1
01 He Still Loves You 3:26
02 Long Line of Fools 3:41
03 Shine On 3:37
04 My Strength Is In The Lord 5:00
05 Praise Him 3:17
06 Heavenly Days 3:27
Side 2
01 Hold On 3:14 (titled I Still Love You on the inner sleeve and the record label)
02 Anthem 3:06
03 First Love 3:53
04 Dyin' 3:44
05 The Best Is Yet To Come 3:46
06 On The Wings of My Victory 4:22
12 tracks
Executive producer
Ray Nenow
Release date
Record label
Refuge Records

Release date
Vinyl release
Refuge Records R84018
01 He Still Loves You
Words and music: Tom Douglas and James Isaac Elliott
02 Long Line of Fools
Words and music: Scott Roley and John Lawry
03 Shine On
Words and music: John Rosasco and Don Rogers
04 My Strength Is In The Lord
Words and music: John Rosasco and Don Rogers
05 Praise Him
Words and music: John Rosasco and Don Rogers
06 Heavenly Days
Words and music: unknown
07 Hold On
Words and music: John Lawry
08 Anthem
Words and music: John Lawry and Scott Roley
09 First Love
Words and music: John Rosasco and Don Rogers
10 Dyin'
Words and music: John Rosasco and Don Rogers
11 The Best Is Yet To Come
Words and music: Paul Brannon and Fred Lewis
12 On The wings Of My Victory
Words and music: Bob Corbin
Drums: Joe English
Bass: Larry Paxton, Tim Smith
Keyboards: Mitch Humphries, Shane Keister, John Lawry, John Rosasco, John Slick
Guitars: Paul Brannon, George Cocchini, Jon Goin, Greg Jennings
Saxophone solos: Sam Levine, Donnie Sanders
Background vocals
Bonnie Bramlett, Paul Brannon, George Cocchini, Doana Cooper, Thom Flora, Tommy Funderburk, Vicki Hampton, John Lawry, Donna McElroy, Gary Pigg, Larry Stewart
Production details
Executive producer: Ray Renow
Tracks produced by Greg Nelson, John Rosasco, Scott Hendricks, Joe English, George Cocchini, John Lawry, Paul Brannon and Tim Smith
Brass and string arrangements by Tim Smith
Engineers: Bill Deaton, Scott Hendricks, Bill Hanson, Chris McCollum, Joe Wilson
Mixed by Chris McCollum at Center State Studio, Nashville, TN
Mix produced by Ray Nenow
Other studios: Glaser Studios, Great Circle Sound, Gold Mine Studios, Master's Touch, Nashville, TN
Artwork details
Cover photography: Clark Thomas
Jacket concept: Ray Nenow
Art direction and design: Jeff Spencer

Even prior to his entrance into Christian contemporary music, the name of Joe English was always equated with quality music. From Paul McCartney and Wings, to Tall Dogs, to Sea Level, to the present Joe English Band, Joe has truly brought us the very best in contemporary music. This album is no exception. Digitally mixed and mastered, including previously unreleased material and remixes of old material, this album traces his progress from his entrance into Christianity and the Christian market to his ongoing experience with Jesus Christ and music. Thank you, Joe.

LP - USA - Refuge Records R84018

(p) © 1985 Refuge Records | Distributed in the U.S. by The Benson Company, Inc., 365 Great Circle Road, Nashville, TN 37228
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