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01 Media Alert
Words: John Lawry and Dwight Liles
Music: John Lawry

T.V., telephone, radio, stereo
Floating thru the air waves
Blastin' out the windows
Media is everywhere
Underground and in the air
Headsets to fly with, jog and drive with
Negative signals
Out of control

Media alert
Media emergency
Can't overstate the urgency of a media alert

Hardware, software, audio, video, digital to analog
Suburbia to ghetto
Media is all around
Every mode of sight and sound
Gadgets to hear with, see with, be with
Positive we need positive signals
Who will take control

The good news is still news after 20 centuries
Put it there for all to see
Put it there for all to hear

T.V., telephone, radio, stereo
Float it on the airwaves
Blast it out the windows
Take the message everywhere
Underground and in the air
Jesus to hear with, see with, be with
Every signal
Under His control
02 Video Logic
Words: John Lawry and Mark Hauth
Music: John Lawry

Shot down to the video store
Gonna watch a movie tonight
Gotta see the latest flick
Temptations got a hold real tight
I scan the shelves up and down
Which one shall I choose
There are comedies and thrillers
Tough guys and chillers
Guess I'll watch the zombie killers

But then I hear a voice that's warning
Be careful what you see
Could be more than just my conscience
Revealing what I need

I need video logic
I need remote control
I need viewer descretion
Let God take control

The movie's thru
Everyone's gone
Yet the images remain
The things I wish I hadn't seen
Keep replaying in my head
All alone I drop to my knees
Covered by conviction
Lord please take control
Help me with my video, my video, my video

There's a price to pay for what we see
We don't escape for free
We are what we are because of what we allow
Are we becoming what we want to be
03 The Whole World Is Crying Tonight
Words: John Lawry and Linda Lang
Music: John Lawry

Homeless people in paper houses
Only shadows of days gone by
Where is the hope in their eyes
Faith is failing and hopes are fading
Lifeless people whose dreams have died
Empty souls with nothing left inside

Tears are falling, tears are falling
The whole world is crying tonight
Crying for someone to bring them the Light
Oh the whole world is crying tonight

Feel the pain of a wounded heart
Weak and weary and torn apart
A touch of love can heal a heart
Who can pick up the broken pieces
Who can make their life complete
Who will go to the outcast on the streets

For the tears of the world He died
The Man of sorrow was crucified
His love can dry every tear
04 Stars In The Night
Words and music: John Lawry and Danny Kingen

Refining fire, keep burning brighter
Make us Your stars in the night
In You is the Light, Your Light, the Light of men
Fan the flames of faith, so the whole world can see

Stars in the night, hearts on fire
Burning in the night
We are stars in the night
Stars in the night
Candles of hope burning everlasting light
We are stars in the night

Oh Son of David, Bright Morning Star
Maker of heaven and earth
You are the Holy Power
Consuming Holy Fire
Burn in our hearts
So the whole world can see

Searching in thru the sky, I see many stars
Going where the Spirit leads
Oh they travel on
Their journey homeward bound
Stars in the night faithfully
05 Time Will Tell (Changing Of The Guards)
Words: John Lawry and Dwight Liles
Music: John Lawry

Storing information
A need for our survival
Every generation has to pass it on
And a memory erasure
Is an ever-present danger
In a careless moment so much could be gone

Time will tell
If we learned our lesson well
Will the truth survive unharmed
Time will tell
If the bridge stood firm or fell
Connecting wisdom heart to heart
At the changing of the guards

Sending unmixed signals
To the guardians of the future
A priority we've often overlooked
In an age when thoughts are scrambled
In transmissions jammed and tangled
What we tell them must be clear and understood

Like soldiers that stand at the palace gates
Soon our time is up, another takes our place
What we leave to them is more than gold
The treasure of our souls
Words of the wise, words of God Himself
Stored in Holy books, filling walls and shelves
Not to be admired or merely read
But to give life to the dead

Guarding sacred treasure
For the ones who will follow after
In a world where nothing's sacred anymore
Can we touch the mind and spirit
Of a terminal generation
Will they understand the worth of what we've stored
06 Radio-ology
Words: John Lawry and Dwight Liles
Music: John Lawry

Get your headphones
It's time to play
Stereo Sherlock Holmes
When you move to the sounds
And you move to the beat
What about the words
Reach for the lyric sheet

It's easy to just relax
And disengage your mind
(When you're listenin' to the radio)
Harder to guard your heart
But soon you find (There's danger!)

So listen objectively
Understand your radio-ology
Study effectively
What you need is radio-ology

What do you hear
A lifestyle is ringing in your ears
Can you agree
With all that you find
Or is deception
Detected between the lines

Easy to like the style
And let the substance be
(When you're listenin' to the radio)
Harder to seek the truth
That sets you free (There's danger!)
07 Decalogue
Words and music: John Lawry

Love the Lord
No other Gods
No idols
Don't take His name in vain
Keep His day holy
Honor your father, honor your mother
Don't kill
No adultery, keep yourself pure
Don't steal
Don't lie, no slander
Don't covet

It's the Top Ten
08 Can't Break A Broken Heart
Words: John Lawry and Dwight Liles
Music: John Lawry

Hard times make a hardened man
When you try too much
For the upper hand
There's no staying in control
Sooner or later you'll
Learn to let it go
Sure it's gonna kill your pride
That's the way it goes
Sure you'll want to run and hide
When it hurts to grow

Humble yourself under the Father's hand
Hearts that are broken come to understand
They're the strong ones
In the long run
You can't break a broken heart

Hard times make a broken man
And you learn to cry
Then you learn to stand
Strength comes under God's control
And the tides of chance
Will not shake your soul

Praise the Lord, praise Him, praise Him
In everything, praise Him, praise Him

Set your eyes on His light
When your path is dim
Everything that comes to you
Comes to you through Him
09 Ice Walls
Words: John Lawry and Dwight Liles
Music: John Lawry

Chill out brother
Everyone's telling you
Stay in your refrigerator
Keepin' it nice and cool

Break, break out
You belong in the Son
There's a new dish cooking in the oven
The recipe says, "Well done"

Warmed up by the Word
God's light touches all
Come out of the cold
It's time to melt ice walls

Check that timer
Only so long to wait
When it's the Truth burning inside you
Got to communicate

Poppin' in and out of the toaster oooooo'
Doesn't sound like much fun
Get into the pressure cooker
The recipe says, "Well done"
10 Something Wonderful
Words and music: John Lawry and Dwight Liles

I still remember feeling alone
Life at a mission
With dreams of a home
The emptiness around me
Made me run and hide
A lonely frightened child
In a lonely frightened time
I still remember the joy in the air
When somebody told me somebody cared
This child of rejection
Was finally going home
Home to a family
Who would call me their own
Somebody took me by the hand

Something wonderful, it's incredible
That someone wants me
Someone cares enough to take me home
Something wonderful, it's incredible
When someone wants you
I've waited so long
I'm finally going home

Two children of Jesus
Took a child no one would claim
Well they gave me a family, gave me a name
The pain that lived inside me
Was hard and slow to heal
But Love outweighed the hate
That had taught me not to feel
The love of Jesus captured me
Somebody said they wanted me

There is an orphan in everyone's heart
Our Father reaches with open arms
Reaching, reaching
Reaching to us all