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01 Stand
Words: John Schlitt, Kevan Cajka and Dan Needham
Music: Mark Heimerman

A promise from the start
We spoke it from our hearts
Isnít that the way it all begins?
Itís when you look away
A lonely heart can stray
And then it all comes crashing in

Itís amazing where youíll find yourself
On a mountain or the gates of hell
And many times you know itís hard to tell

My heartís been shaken
My lifeís been twisted around
So many bad decisions, my whole worldís falling down
Even at my lowest I know there is hope to be found
And if His love will see no shame within me now
Then this is where Iím gonna stand

I find myself alone with nothing left to own
Except my broken heart and shame
To live with my mistakes I need Your endless grace
I know Iíll never be the same

Itís amazing when you find your way
Somehow God has made another day
And now it all comes back to
02 Keep Your Light On
Words and music: Dan Needham

What ya gonna do? This life is passing by you
Tomorrow has no promise has no certain guarantee
And what ya gonna say? Throw carpe diem away
The moment now is turned around and then itís history

Step out of the dark and be the one to light the way
Right now is for real

Forget about the worries of tomorrow
Today is given so much living to be done
Play the moment now the rest will follow
Cause nothingís better
Than living with your light on

Youíre weaker in the knee, youíre giviní in too easy
The worry that you bear is not the way itís meant to be
Thereís nothing like today to give your burdens away
Youíre waiting there, youíre unaware how better it could be

Itís when you find the light, you find youíre on your knees
Thatís when itís real

A little hope a little love divine
Gonna make it to the end
Gonna be all right
In the dark, in the lonely night
You better leave your light on
03 Only Men
Words and music: Dan Needham

How could a face in history
Put a flame inside of me?
A carpenter, the writer of eternity
Some prophets claimed to do the same
They offered hope another way
They died, we buried them
But did they rise again?
Ooh, from age to age You never change
Ooh, Youíre the Name above all names

A hundred thousand years ago and now
You are standing by Yourself
Youíre the Holy One
And all that were are dead and gone
Though many try to take Your throne away
They will do it all in vain
Cause the world will see
That You are God, and they are only men

A Fatherís Son, a love divine
Would reach across the great divide
To pay the price, a broken man would set us free
No other name, no other way
Can ever claim to do the same
It all comes down to trusting
In what you cannot see
Ooh, from age to age You never change
Ooh, Youíre the Name above all names

That you are God and they are only
Men designed to love, adore you
They will bow right down before You
All created for Your pleasure
They will worship

A thousand more eternities from now
You will still be by Yourself
Youíre the Only One
And all that were are dead and gone
Though many try to take Your throne away
They will do it all in vain
Cause the world will see
That You are God and they are only men
That You are God and they are only, they are only men
You are God and they are only men
04 Face Of God
Words and music: Kevan Cajka, Scott Faircloff and Dan Needham

You can close your eyes to hide your fears
Hold your ears to block the cries
You can turn your head to wipe your tears
But their hunger never dies

Itís beyond all understanding, but itís left to you and me

Do you hear what heaven hears?
Do you know it in your heart?
Do you share the pain and cry the tears
But donít know where to start?
When you give unto the least of these
You become the gift of love
When you look into their eyes
You see the face of God

Thereís a hand thatís reaching out to you
With a spark of hope inside
To the child with nothing left to do
Would you keep the flame alive?

What all the world has pushed aside, is the greatest gift of all

Time is slipping by us every day
We can act or let it get away
Nowís the time to define ourselves and say
"We are the hands that feed and live the love of God"
05 The Grafting
Words and music: Dan Needham

Sheís too young to be a mother
But sometimes life is cruel and makes a life decide another
Scared but sees beyond the moment
She gives her boy away and prays someday heíll know her
Love goes on and on
When he finds that life comes in the grafting

They built their hope upon the future
Married young, they bought a house, a car, a crib to suit her
But years would pass without a baby
Until a miracle, a desperate girl reached out
And love went on and on
And they found that life came in the grafting

This life is a golden opportunity
To give and to love through all uncertainty
Just like the Father reaches down to us
And through His Son He grafts us to Himself
This is love

The parents did their best to raise him
They trusted God to build the roots the boy so greatly needed
But time had come for him to face her
The things he longed to say and dreamed for years could wait no longer

He slowly walked up to her door and rang the bell
The door came open wide
She stood there and cried

He said "mother, donít be cryiní
I know youíve wondered now if you were wrong for never trying
For everything you did, I thank you
I have the life you always dreamed for me because
Your love went on and on
I found my life was in the grafting"

In the grafting
Love comes in the grafting
Love comes in the grafting
06 First Song
Words and music: Kevan Cajka and Dan Needham

I miss the way it was
When joy came from above
And hope rang like a simple melody
We sang about that day
An innocence regained
Our eyes would open up and finally see

Thatís then and this is now
And weíre older yet somehow
I long to know that music once again
So Jesus lead the way
And show me every day
All I have long forgotten

Just like the first song I remember
Every word was meant for me
And every verse and every line
Would set me free
To remember the first song I was singing
When my eyes were opened wide
When all the years of hurt were put aside
Bring back the first song

Itís a wide and open door
That you donít use anymore
But you know the sun is waiting right outside
It takes a moment now and then
Till the words come back again
From a place youíve long forgotten

I want to hear again
I want to feel again
All Iíve forgotten
Oh, to be free again
Just like I was back then
When everything was so exciting
New to me, new to everything
07 Your Eyes
Words and music: Mark Heimermann, Marc Martel, Dan Needham and Kevan Cajka

Say what you want, say it ainít real
God only knows the pain you feel
Nobody lives in the shoes that you wear
Until theyíve walked a mile how could they care?
Oh, why would they care?

Heíll take you lost and lonely
Heíll move the clouds from your skies, your skies
Heíll save you from the moment
Heíll wipe the tears from your eyes, your eyes

Welcome home, stay for a while
How does it feel to be like a child?
No more alone, no more goodbyes
Only the stain of tears reminding you why
Youíre finally alive

When you feel like youíre left alone and youíre on your own
How does it feel?
When you feel like you canít go on and you canít go on
How does it feel?
08 Lord Have Mercy
Words and music: Steve Merkel

Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy on me

Jesus, Iíve forgotten the words that You have spoken
Promises that burned within my heart have now grown dim
With a doubting heart I follow the paths of earthly wisdom
Forgive me for my unbelief
Renew the fire again

I have built an altar where I worship things of man
I have taken journeys that have drawn me far from You
Now I am returning to Your mercies ever flowing
Pardon my transgression
Renew the fire again

I have longed to know You and Your tender mercies
A river of forgiveness ever flowing without end
I bow my heart before You in the goodness of Your presence
Your grace forever shining like a beacon in the night
09 Gravity
Words and music: Dan Needham

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I find myself in outer space
Without a line to bring me in
And when Iím lookiní down below, the fear begins to grow
Seeing just how far I went
So I call Your name, Iím so far away
And then Youíre there beside me

Your love pulls me to the ground
Brings me back around
When I want to fly away
Your love is big enough
Mercyís strong enough
You are my gravity

Another day another night, drifting like a satellite
Itís a view that never ends
When itís time to come back down, put my feet on solid ground
Youíre the light that guides me in
Light of the world, shine bright on me
Make me what I need to be

And the closer I get, the clearer I see
Your mercyís unending
So pull me in close, would You whisper to me
"Thereís no need to worry"
Light of the world, shine down on me

When I want to fly away
You are my gravity
Your love is big enough, strong enough
You are my gravity
10 Carry On
Words and music: Dan Needham

Imagine yourself in this world without anything at all
No rhyme and no reason, no hope and no perfect love
Trying to live without living inside, no one could know Ďtill you show them
Brother, my sister, and everyone that believes
Donít give up
Why donít we

Carry on, carry on, carry on Ďtill the work has been done
Carry on, carry on, carry on Ďtill we hear Him say,
"Welcome home, faithful one!"
Carry On!

Some never breathe past the moment they come alive
Why have a new life if all that you do is survive?
Jesus could come back so what would you do?
Would you just sit there waiting for someday? Maybe?
Brother, my sister and everyone that believes
While weíre here, why donít we

Someday weíll see everything new, every deed counted
With love in His eyes, looking at you, hear Him say,
"Welcome home, welcome home, faithful one!"