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by Josh Mcdowell
- interactive video lessons with dramatic vignettes, motion picture illustrations and music videos
- video teaching by Josh McDowell
- creative activities
- Don't Check Your Brains At The Door companion book
- reproducible leader's guide for 60-minute group sessions

"Count on it, when kids get to college their faith will be viciously attacked. It is vital to give them rock solid reasons for belief early - while in junior high and high school." - Josh McDowell

In this video series, Josh McDowell declares overwhelming evidences for the Christian faith in easy to understand terms that will ground your young people in the reasons for faith. Designed as a foundational "Ready Defense", this series will equip your junior high and high school students with answers to tough questions about what they believe.

In this long-awaited series Josh brings your youth a simplified version of Evidence That Demands A Verdict through fascinating motion picture illustrations, animation, humorous skits, and easy to understand teaching. Each video session opens with a relevant dramatic vignette that sets up the lesson. Then Josh provides answers, insights, and evidence for the reasons we believe. The sessions conclude with a dramatic vignette or a music video. The entire series is a faith-grounding, fun-filled experience.

The sessions include:
Session 1: Know Why You Believe
Your youth will discover that the Christian faith is based upon objective fact, not subjective feelings, and that the Christian faith is an intelligent faith, not a blind faith. The content is made easy to follow with clay animation, graphics, and motion picture illustrations.
-- This session finishes with the music video for the song "Be The One" by Al Denson

Session 2: Defending The Faith
Can you "prove" Christianity? Here Josh uses on-screen illustrations to examine the proper method to prove Christianity beyond a reasonable doubt. The entire session builds confidence that there is solid evidence for our faith.

Session 3: The Uniqueness Of The Bible
Students will discover that the Bible is the most amazing book in the way it was written, unique in its circulation and translation. On-screen animation drives the points home in a factual and enjoyable fashion. Your students will gain a boldness to share their faith with others.

Session 4: The Reliability Of Scripture
Step-by-step, students learn how the Scriptures were preserved, insuring their accuracy. Fascinating illustrations will help them examine the number of available manuscripts, which gives further evidence of why the Bible can be trusted. Your youth will grow in their faith as they gain confidence that the Word of God is the most reliable document ever written.
-- This session finishes with the music video for "Seen And Not Heard" by Petra

Running time, approx. 74 minutes
Dave Bellis
Release date
Record label
Word Video Curriculum Resource

Release date
VHS release
US Word Video Curriculum Resource 084-9980-607
Production details
An ECC Production
Produced by Dave Bellis
Edited by Dave Bellis, II
Dramatic presentation by BC Productions
"The Prestons" sitcom starring: Jerry Cohagan, Denise Gray, Hope Stanley, Josh Morris, Elektra Smith, Francesca Pascolini, Jeff Goodman, Peter Foldy, Denise Kirkendall, Kendall Perry
Written by Dave Bellis
Co-producer: Ken Carpenter
Associate producer: Dave Morley
1st assistant director: Dave Morley
2nd assistant director: Becky Bellis
Production supervisor: Wayne Antrim
Casting coordinator: Devon Armstrong
Production coordinator: Dave Yonally
Art director & wardrobe: Leslie Morley
Wardrobe assistant: Michelle D. Green
Make-up: Gwen Goodloe
Property master: Kendall Perry
Technical director: Chuck Moring, Christi Evans
Audio: Matt Mills
Camera: Lyle Moss, Eric Smith, John St. Clair
Video: Stan Winzer
Lighting: Wayne Antrim
Audio post production: Tom Ingram, Audio Impact, Tulsa, OK
Set construction: Dave Morley, Rob Morley
Furnishings compliments of Riley Homes
Still photography: Kendall Perry
Production assistants: Michelle D. Green, Jennifer Winters, Larry Switzer, Kim Hetler, Tisha Sparfeld, Evette Nathan
Supervising editor: Stephen Yake
Edit assist: Keith Richardson
Post production facilities: E&P Productions, Salem, OH, Willie George Ministries, Tulsa, OK
Artwork details
Design: The Church Art Works, Salem, OR

VHS - USA - Word Video Curriculum Resource 084-9980-607

Word Publishing | Label: © 1992 Evidence That Demands A Verdict, Inc.
ISBN 0-8499-1155-9 | Barcode: 9 780849 911552 | Label: 084-9980-607