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LOUIE WEAVER - BACK TO THE BASICS Part One In The Drummer's Fellowship Video Series

Most people place so much emphasis on technique, that they forget about the actual drum itself, and how it relates to one's playing. In this first video of the Drummer's Fellowship Series by PETRA's Louie Weaver, you'll go with Louie to the DW drum factory and learn how a drum's size, construction and materials can greatly effect the way it reacts to your playing and to the rest of the kit, both physically and sonically. Having this knowledge will help you to be more comfortable with the overall selection and tuning of your drums. Next you'll go cymbal shopping with Louie to see what he looks for and how he pieces together a completely matched set. Then, it's on the road with PETRA, 1990 Grammy Award winner and Christian music's top-selling band. Spend the day with Louie and the guys, first at the sound check, and then later at the concert where Louie ends the video with a spectacular drum solo.

00:00 Back To The Basics
03:18 Introduction by Louie Weaver
03:49 Louie talks to John Good at the DW drum factory
20:01 Selecting your drums
21:27 Tuning your drums
25:02 Cymbal shopping with Louie
29:17 Louie playing along with Seen And Not Heard in the studio
30:24 On the road with Petra
31:37 Soundcheck @ Astroworld, Houston, TX
36:28 Petra - I Am On The Rock @ Astroworld, Houston, TX
38:00 Louie's solo
42:33 Louie talks about the second video
43:15 Louie talks about the Bible
43:28 End credits
Running time: 44:26
Greg Page
Release date
Record label
Music Source International

Release date
VHS release
Louie Weaver, Weaver & Associates / Music Source International MS 1092
Production details
Weaver and Associates present Back To The Basics with Louie Weaver
Produced and directed by Greg Page
Executive producers: Louie Weaver, Lance Johnson and Bobby Blazier
Director of photography / L.A.: Matt Coale
Grip: Ezra Miguel
Audio: Brian Davis, Pachyderm Studios
Director of photography Houston / Nashville segments: Cam Shakey
Tape operator: Joel Smith
"Back To The Basics / Louie's Theme" John Lawry, 1991
Editing and video graphics: Greg Page, Pro-Kids Productions, Inc.
A Pro-Kids Production for Weaver and Associates
Artwork details
Art director / designer: Sherry Singletary

VHS - USA - Music Source International - MS 1092

© 1992 Louie Weaver, Weaver and Associates | Distributed by Music Source International, P.O. Box 46758, Kansas City, MO 64118
MS 1092
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