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Chosen, at age fourteen, to serve as a super secret, highly undetectable agent, one bold, ingenious teenager joins forces with a classifed organization dedicated to the preservation of Life, Freedom and Faith. His name is Mickey Masters ... Agent Of Truth.

As an unlikely, fourteen-year-old recruit of the "Agents Of Truth," Mickey Masters knew he would experience life-threatening danger, but he didn't count on facing it alone. Yet, that is exactly what Mickey must do after losing his supervising agent - and closest friend - Lt. Seivers (Grant Goodeve of the popular "Eight Is Enough" TV series) in a devastating explosion.
While using his mastery at disguise to track a counter-intelligence team targeting the nation's most sophisticated computer software Mickey learns that he is not alone, after all. For, as he discovers after being kidnapped by the spies he seeks, God is on his side, and providing him with help from unexpected places...

Written and directed by Willie Aames (of the "Charles In Charge" and "Eight Is Enough" TV series), each Mickey Masters adventure is filled with hard-hitting action, light-hearted humor, and life-impacting biblical truth, perfect for the entire family!

Running time, 28:26

Executive producers
Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. and Gary Randall
Release date
Record label
Pamplin Entertainment

Release date
VHS release
Pamplin Entertainment PEVC 9616
Production details
Pamplin Entertainment Corporation presents Mickey Masters: Agent Of Truth "The Evil Plot Of Madame Chang"
Starring Grant Goodeve as Lt. Seivers
Introducing Brian Jones as Mickey Masters
Executive producers: Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. and Gary Randall
Co-executive producer: Michael S. Schatz
Created by Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. and Willie Aames
Written and directed by Willie Aames
John Ashton as Sonny Masters, Ryk St. Vincent as Machine Gun Lecore and Ryle Smith as Dr. Shellenbaum and special guest stars Jim Cooper, John Schlitt, Nancy Wong and Don Nguyen
Artwork details
None given

VHS - USA - Pamplin Entertainment Corporation PEVC9616 / UPC 6022489616 3 3 / SPCN 7-902-46108-3

(p) & © 1996 Pamplin Entertainment Corporation, P.O. Box 16370, Portland, OR 97216-6370 | Printed in U.S.A.
PEVC9616 / UPC 6022489616 3 3 | Label: SPCN 7-902-46108-3 | Barcode: 7902461083