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CD tracklist
01 Dream 3:07
02 Fly 4:16
03 Do Not Be Anxious 2:56
04 Bow Down 4:55
05 You Comfort Me 3:49
06 River In The Desert 3:43
07 Mighty God 4:36
08 I Will Wait 3:51
09 I Sing My Praise To You 3:14
10 Benediction 1:37
10 tracks, 36:04
Scott Allen and Mylon Le Fevre
Release date
Record label
Angel Band Music

Release date
CD release
Angel Band Music (no catalog number)
01 Dream
Words and music: Scott Allen
02 Fly
Words and music: Scott Allen
03 Do Not Be Anxious
Words and music: Joey Holder
04 Bow Down
Words and music: David Baroni and Tony Sutherland
05 You Comfort Me
Words and music: Dana Key, Edie De Garmo and Mylon Le Fevre
06 River In The Desert
Words and music: Paul Marino
07 Mighty God
Words and music: Scott Allen, Sal Olivieri and Mylon Le Fevre
08 I Will Wait
Words and music: Scott Allen and Sal Olivieri
09 I Sing My Praise To You
Words and music: Herb Moon, Larry Rust, Scott Allen and Mylon Le Fevre
10 Benediction
Words and music: Randy Phillips
Drums - Jon Rivers
Drum overdubs - Jim Delong
Percussion - George Sandler
Bass - Paul Chapman, Jackie Street
Synth bass - Paul Chapman
Keyboards/Programming - Sal Oliveri, Scott Allen, Larry Rust, Joey Holder
B3 - John Lawry
Guitars - Sonny Lallerstadt, Scott Allen, Tommy Kramer, Tim Calhoun
BGV's - Mylon Le Fevre, Scott Allen, Joey Holder, Herb Moon, Michael Gleason, Taj Harmon
World Changers International Ministries Choir on "Bow Down"
Production details
Produced by Scott Allen and Mylon LeFevre
Mixed by Win Kutz and Scott Allen at Eagle Mountain Recording Studio, Newark, TX
Engineered by Scott Allen, Rob Wirtz and Joey Holder
Editing by Rob Wirtz
Additional editing by John Wirtz at Music Cafe, Columbus, OH
Recorded at: Angel Band Studios, Atlanta, GA; Eagle Mountain Recording Studio, Newark, TX; LaunchPad, Ft. Worth, TX; Twelve Oaks, Smyrna, GA
"Dream" remixed by Dan Rudin at Bridge St. Studios, Franklin, TN
Executive producer on "Dream": Peter Furler
Artwork details
Design: Aaron McClung,

Mylon recorded his first song on his parent's gospel album when he was twelve years old. By the time he was seventeen years old Elvis Presley had recorded his song, "Without Him". By age nineteen, he had written, arranged, and produced his first solo album. Between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five, he recorded eight rock and roll albums. Then in 1980 he rededicated his life to the Lord. In 1981 he started Mylon and Broken Heart, a contemporary Christian rock band and youth ministry. Over 211,000 young people made decisions to receive Jesus as Lord at their concerts! In March 1993, the Lord called him to leave the music / youth ministry to preach and teach His word.
Mylon says, "I loved making music. My parents were musicians. It was the only life I had even known until God called me to preach. The Lord instructed me to, 'Teach My people how to believe Me, so I can bless theml. Tell them My Word is still true no matter how it looks or feels or what somebody else says. And if they will trust Me enough to say what My Word says about their situation, I will prove that I am their God!'
It has been ten years since I released a CD and everything He said to me has been challenged. But the Lord is faithful and the victory has been glorious! These songs are a musical diary of my life. In Psalm 84:10 King David says, 'I would rather be a doorkeeper (usher) in the house of God than to dwell in the tent of the wicked.' I believe that the purpose of this CD is to open the door in the Spirit realm and usher you into His holy presence. As you bow your heart and mind and enter into His presence, you will find that in His presence there is fullness of joy! May the blessings of God overtake you today."

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